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MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott – 12 in attendance 
a.       Griesmer was designated to keep minutes due to the absence of the Secretary
2.       Approval of minutes –  minutes from May 5th approved with the following amendments:
a.       Under 3a, correct the spelling of “Ensenauer” to Enzenauer
b.       Under 3c, previous meeting minutes are posted to the society blog with a link to them on the society’s website
3.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       The society has one additional lifetime member.
b.       Some comments on the comment section of the website are going into a spam filter. McDonald will check into the issue and find a resolution.
4.       Distinguished Society Application-Robinson
a.       DS application is submitted and receipt is confirmed
b.       Walcott has previous DS streamers
c.       Walcott will convey the society’s opinion about the DS application to the leadership conference
5.       Admissions Update – Walcott
a.       33 cadet candidates: record admission
b.       102 open files for 2020
c.       The society will have a presence at several college fairs; Jackson has a list of college fairs and in interested in volunteers to attend them
d.       Motion approved to spend $400 on field force outreach
e.       Carroll is meeting with Major Yang this week
6.       Baseball Update-MacDonald
a.       3 tickets remaining for the last game on July 11
7.       Picnic Update-Frank
a.       July 19 from 11:00-2:30, $10 hamburger meal, $8 hotdog meal, $5 for just chips and soda
b.       3 families signed up
c.       Requested another email reminder
8.       Golf Tournament Update-Dalton
a.       July 31st at 8:00
b.       Presented the board with rules and a flier for the tournament for input and discussion
c.       An email reminder will go out and Walcott will forward information to the Parents’ Club
9.       Parents’ Club Update-Walcott
a.       All Academy ball will be held in December
b.       Walcott and Blackburn attended the send-off in June, each cadet candidate got a certificate of acceptance; it was a great event
c.       There will be an ice cream social in July
d.       Walcott will also attend a Parents’ Club social event at the end of July.
e.       There are meetings scheduled for September and October
10.   Quarterly Meeting-Walcott
a.       QM is traditionally a duty of the Vice President that the President wants to restart
b.       It should include a speaker, meal, or other activity
c.       A discussion was held regarding possible speakers, including members of the congressional delegation, retired general officers and commanders, and local graduates. An email will be sent out to gather more suggestions.
11.   New Business
a.       The society was solicited for a contribution to the Naval Academy society’s service academy ball. Discussion was tabled until the October meeting.
b.       Mary St. Onge is moving back to the area.
Next Meeting October 6 @ 1130

Submitted by : Tim Griesmer, ’02 

MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott – 14 in attendance 
a.       The commander of American Legion Post 1 welcomed the board
b.       Griesmer was designated to keep minutes due to the absence of the Secretary
2.       Nominations for Society officers-Blackburn
a.       The following slate of officers was nominated for election
                                                               i.      Bob Walcott-President
                                                             ii.      Brian MacDonald-Vice President
                                                           iii.      Tom Carroll-Admissions
                                                           iv.      Lynn Streich-Secretary
                                                             v.      Dave Jackson-Treasurer
b.       The slate was unanimously elected.
3.       Approval of minutes –
a.       Minutes from the February 24, 2015 meeting were amended so that item 5e would reflect Bob Enzenauer was assigned as escort to the USMA Superintendent and that the reception was scheduled for 5:30pm.-minutes were approved as amended.
b.       Minutes from the annual meeting on March 7, 2015-approved
c.      previous meeting minutes are posted to the society blog with a link to them on the society’s website
4.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       Founder’s Day AAR-the WPSD can expect that if it continues to use the University Club for Founder’s Day, either annual costs for will continue to increase or the WPSD will see a larger revenue loss at future events. There are also some concerns about size limitations.
b.       The board voted to use the University Club for Founder’s Day again next year.
c.       The WPSD donated $100 to the WP AOG
5.       Distinguished Society Application-Robinson
a.       The board reviewed the application and determined the WPSD has enough points to submit application.
b.       Robinson will send an updated application to the board for review.
6.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       Status of Program:  30 candidates have accepted nominations, 5 have declined
b.       The Parents Club will host a sendoff party on June 7
c.       Class of 2019 saw a decrease in the number of files opened but no change in the quality of the candidates
d.       80 files are currently open for the class of 2020 (120 statewide)
e.       Carroll is working with Admissions to fill college fairs
f.        An early fall candidate meeting is anticipated
7.       Baseball Update-MacDonald
a.       3 games are scheduled (May 9, May 23, July 11); tickets are available for all three
8.       Golf Tournament Update-Martin
a.       Scheduled for July 31, 8:00am at the AFA; there will be a link on the website
b.       Air Force is taking the lead on planning the event; WPSD recommended to them that the price be kept low
c.       Chad will take over as the WPSD rep for planning the event
9.       Picnic Update-Frank
a.       Scheduled for July 19 at City Park; permit is approved
b.       There will be an ability to select food options ahead of time and pay ahead of time.
10.   Parent’s Club Update-Walcott
a.       Sendoff event will be June 7; Wolcott will represent WPSD and Blackburn will represent the 50 year class
b.       Wolcott will extend an offer to the Parent’s Club to participate in the golf tournament
c.       Wolcott will also offer to post Parent’s Club events that can be attended by WPSD members on our website
11.   New Business
a.       The AFA jump team “Wings of Blue” offered to participate in any events if there is interest
b.       There is a need to find a new POC for the Leadership Academy
Next Meeting July 7 @ 1130

Submitted by : Tim Griesmer, ’02 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Annual Membership Meeting March 7, 2015

West Point Society of Denver
Annual Membership Meeting
March 7, 2015

On March 7, 2015, the West Point Society of Denver held its Annual Membership meeting. There were 197 members and guests present, of which 85 were Society members.

There was one item on the agenda, which was the election of Board members to serve until 2018 and the replacement of two Board members that had resigned. The replacement nominations are listed below in red, along with current members:

Proposed Board Member Nominations

Board Terms to 2018 Founders Day Election

Serve to 2016                       Serve to 2017                  Serve to 2018

Lou Schroeder ’59                Chad Dalton ’89              Lynn Streich ‘00
Robby Robinson ’68             Sam Thiessen ’73          Dave Jackson ‘73
Tom Carroll ’78                      Mark Frank ’00               Steve Best ‘76
John Greiman ’81                 Joel Martin ’02                Bob Walcott ‘78
Amy Efaw ’89                        Tim Griesmer ’02                     Brian MacDonald ‘83
David Ketter ‘87

Board Member Emeritus                                Year Inducted

Tom Hicklin ’57                                                           2009
Jim Harrington ’62                                                     2010

There was a motion to accept the nominees, as indicated. It was seconded and approved via a voice vote.

The Formal Board Meeting was then adjourned.

MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday February 24th, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday February 24th, 2015
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott – 9 in attendance 
2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of minutes – Streich; approved
3.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       Financials: Dave requests moving funds around since annual planning meeting did not cost as much as allotted but the quarterly meetings will cost more moving forward.
b.      Budget: proposed changes/accepted
4.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       Status of Program:  13 Candidates have been sent invites.  Amy Efaw to work on attendance so that more than 6 candidates attend.  Deadline, March 4th. 3 so far.
5.       Founders Day, March 7
a.       Attendance & pricing update – Jackson -- $85 (non-member), $75 (member) + $10 less for active duty members
b.      Programs – Jackson – Brian MacDonald is printing them.  Discussed adding in some fun interactive questions with the audience as well as singing The Corp. 
c.       Toasts – assigned individual toasts
d.      Membership Flyer: stick a flyer by the bar and where the tickets/name tags are.  Brian will print out.
e.      SUPE Escort & ’75 cocktail reception – BG Bob Enzenauer ’75 will escort and Class of ’75 cocktail reception will be in the U Club Members Bar beginning at 1730.
f.        Reception/Setup/Placemats/etc. – Jackson will drop off items off a week before the event.  Brian needs a couple people to assist him.  Show up early to help.
g.       Admissible Candidate Meeting – Carroll
h.      Parent’s Club Invite Update – Walcott – They did send out and a few parents signed up.
i.         LTG Caslen – Class sponsor – need a class of ’75 to possibly step up to house the Supe?
j.        Oldest/Youngest – Erin Jankowski ’12 & BG Rich Cardillo ‘55
k.       Flag: LTG Caslen’s aide to bring flag back to Denver.  Other flags to be picked up from National Guard.
l.         Nominations: 2 positions open.  Lindy Williams will conduct that business portion of Founder’s Day.  Dave Ketter ‘87 & Chad Dalton ’89 to stand up.
m.    Gifts: The Parting, by Rich Adams.
Next Meeting May 4th @ 1130 hours.

Submitted by: Lynn Streich, ’00 @ 1245

MINUTES OF MEETING –October 7, 2014

Tallgrass Energy, 370 Van Gordon St. Denver, CO 80228
MINUTES OF MEETING –October 7, 2014

1.       Call to order – Lindy Bob Walcott – 12 in attendance 
2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of minutes – Streich; approved
3.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       Financials: as submitted.
b.      Membership Update: using Mail Chimp database.  Reconciliation needed.
c.       Jackson puts $50 towards charities or sends flowers to honor those grads and friends of WPSD who have passed away.  Expenditure approved.
4.       Distinguished Society – Robinson.  THANK YOU to Robbie
a.       We did receive Distinguished Society per Walcott.  They are adjusting the size classifications for societies.  Enhancing points available on topic of admissions and philanthropy and leadership conference attendance.  Roughly half of the societies received distinguished.
5.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       2019: more letters of assurance (3); one letter/acceptance already for a female athlete (basketball) with a 34 ACT.  Wow.
b.      111 files are open now.  About half are making progress . . . the other half are taking their time to see how Congressional nominations go.
c.       $35 per college fair admissions. 
d.      MAJ Yang visiting October 18th for Field Force at the FEMA office in Lakewood (8-10).
e.      College Fairs. 
6.       Baseball AAR – MacDonald
a.       Need to do fewer tickets because we only sold approx. 50. 
7.       Army Air Force & Army Navy viewing parties.
a.       One party in the North and one in the South.
b.      Army Navy: Blake Street Tavern was used last year and seemed to attract more grads. Ed will host his as he did last year as well. 
c.       Idea of Dave & Buster’s for Army Air Force
d.      End of January, the hockey team is coming.  Gymnastics is also coming to town early February.  Brian wants to put together a trip section down to the Springs. Bob will reach out to Stover for Pikes Society to talk about making contact with the cadets while in town.
8.       Parent’s Club Update – Walcott
a.       Bob was asked by a parent’s club member to be allowed to attend Founder’s Day. 
b.      Idea to reserve one table for the parent’s club.
c.       September was the social.  25 parents represented.  October is their “surviving” graduation meeting.  They are hosting a Air Force party in the Springs. 
d.      December 22nd is their All Academy Ball; Bob will be MC; speaker: parents
e.      Formal request submitted to $$ support the All Academy Ball.  Bronze level: $250.  Anonymous grad says he’ll match what we donate.  Suggested that we donate $125.00.  Approved. 
9.       Tri-Service Golf Tournament: Joel Martin. 
a.       We lost the trophy to Air Force.
b.      40 players!!  High attendance was due to calling and reaching out personally.
c.       $ went to prizes; more or less broke even.
10.   Quarterly Meeting.  October 22nd at the University Club @ 1730 (as a dinner event). Sandhurst alumni to speak.  $30 Society Members.
11.   AOG Leadership Conference – Walcott.
a.       Email sent out to the board with details . . .
b.      Highlights:
                                                               i.      Size of corps has not changed.
                                                             ii.      Significant construction activity. 
                                                            iii.      New visitors center is being updated
                                                           iv.      Arvin Gym annex will be down below near the track
                                                             v.      Bartlett Hall being renovated (connects to the library now).
                                                           vi.      Cyber War Institute will stand up at West Point. (Cyber Branch)
                                                          vii.      Admissions goals: women up to 22%; hoping for 25%. Minorities up as well.
                                                        viii.      Emphasis on Ethics/Leadership conference for high school students.
12.   Distinguished Graduate Nomination – Blackburn
a.       We have been asked to endorse Jodie _____ .
b.      Blackburn has only wonderful things to say about him and his efforts with AOG to help raise $350+ million. 
13.   Society Webpage: Jackson
a.       Donation webpage from D.C. suggested as an example to use to get companies to support, sponsor and/or donate to WPSD . . . leadership conference; college fairs . . .
14.   Next meeting is:
a.       Tuesday, December 2nd 1130 – General Meeting & FD Coordination
b.      Saturday, December 13th 1130 – ARMY v NAVY
c.       Tuesday, January 27th 1700 – Annual Planning Meeting & Dinner
d.      Tuesday, February 24th 1130 – Final FD Coordination
e.      Saturday, March 7th – Founder’s Day – Hoping for a general officer.  TBD
f.        Tuesday, May 5th – General Meeting & Officer Elections
15.   Adjourn: 1315

Submitted by: Lynn Streich, ‘00

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Annual Planning meeting

MINUTES OF MEETING – January 27, 2015

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott – 14 in attendance 
2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of minutes – Streich; approved
3.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       Financials: as submitted.
b.      Membership Update: Renewal issues. Reconstruct list to see who has dropped off the membership list.  Only a few will renew by founders day.  ** Noted as a critical issue.  Let’s ask people to consider a lifetime membership for $350.00
c.       Website Update: we’ve had the website up for 9 months now.  Going OK.  Covering Hail and Farewells.  Issues with FB interface.  Website costing more than last year.
d.      Biznet: we’ve getting a lot of points for distinguished society.  I’d like to contribute or flat out pay for the program
e.      Budget: proposed/accepted
4.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       Status of Program
                                                               i.      2019: candidates 325 students open files, 107 still open . . . Still waiting on a few but 59 nominated. 17 are qualified.  1 offer. 
b.      Congressional Panels/Letters:
c.       2015 Events/Budget needs: $400 is 2 weeks and that’s sufficient
5.       Parent’s Club Update – Walcott
a.       Sendoff: TBD but should be in June.
b.      All Academy Ball: Bob was the MC.  565 people at the Broadmoor.  Big event. 
c.       Candidate Invitations – Founder’s Day.  Tom Carroll will handle.  *Max participation.
6.       Programs and Events
a.       Founders Day March 7 (Walcott)
                                                               i.      LTG Caslen – Class sponsor – need a class of ’75.
                                                             ii.      Responsibilities – Toasts, Speaker Host (Classmate), hotel, name tags, gifts, flags, program, etc.
                                                            iii.      Oldest/Youngest – Emily Phillips ‘11
                                                           iv.      Candidate Briefing
b.      Tri-Service Golf Tournament (Martin)
                                                               i.      Big success as far as turnout but b/c we reduced the fees.  Martin no longer running it this year.  Hopefully Al Blumberg keeps fees low again.
                                                             ii.      Air Force won 2014 L
c.       Leadership Seminar Sponsorship by our Society (Martin)
                                                               i.      Joel sitting on conference calls with Washington D.C.
                                                             ii.      3-day cadet led groups of high school juniors
                                                            iii.      Denver has been talking about it for 2-3 years.
                                                           iv.      D.C.’s budget is about $20K from sponsors and have $200+ students attend
                                                             v.      Joel has all the material.  Need someone to step up as “leader” of the program.  Joel willing to be involved but we’ll need others to help.l
d.      Distinguished Society (Robinson – not here).  Deadline is June 30th
e.      Summer Picnic (Frank)
                                                               i.      It’s a loss on the cost
                                                             ii.      Relatively well attended (16 grads)
                                                            iii.      Plan to do it again.
                                                           iv.      Let’s do June again.
f.        Sporting Events (MacDonald)
                                                               i.      Army Air Force game (Army lost).  10 attended
                                                             ii.      Gymnastics is next (Feb 1st)
                                                            iii.      3 baseball games

                                                           iv.      Avalanche/Nuggets games?

Minutes from December 2nd, 2014

West Point Society of Denver
Board of Directors Meeting  Minutes
Tuesday December 2nd, 2014 1130 - 1300
370 Van Gordon Street, Lakewood, Colorado 80228

  • Call to Order -  Walcott
    • 8 in attendance (may not be a quorum)
  • Secretary’s Report/Minutes Approval – MacDonald
    • Minutes from prior meeting approved
  • Treasurer’s Report – Jackson
    • Financials submitted
    • 2015 Budget draft presented for input from BOD between now and January’s planning meeting. Budget is at a $300 deficit and Dave would like to get it balanced.
    • Membership up net 3 members
    • Seeking ideas for Founders Day costs
      1. With increased ‘subsidized’ attendees like candidates, we need to increase revenue in order to pay
      2. Younger grads may need lower price – how do?
  • Distinguished Society – Robinson
    • The Distinguished Society report changed – Bob reviewed key changes; Lou Schroeder requested a copy of the new report format
      1. # elective activity points up from 40 to 60 – how those points are assigned is looser, counting individual activities
      2. # elective activities up from 5 to 7
    • Dave Jackson recommended we post the report to our website – MacDonald took the task to get it posted
  • Admissions Update – Tom Carroll
    • Out of 5 district, 180 files opened, 98 still open
    • This seems lower than last year – EOY 2013 we had 231 files open; Tom to check if national trend is the same
    • Interviews – Dave Jackson has been active; Tom is getting more active:
    • We have 6 letters of Assurance (3 recruited athletes)
    • College Fairs – paid for 18 fairs, attended 9, saw ~220 students
    • Tom to talk to Amy Efaw to organize Admissible candidate meeting
  • Guest Speaker – John Robb ’91 – AOG Board Update
    • Discussed leadership of AOG;
    • Cash flow – AOG has done well with ‘planned giving’ which are estate donations but those revenues are not realized immediately; more focus now on current cash donations
    • Big 2014 initiative is athletics - Needed fixing; difficult operating environment due to DOD and USMA bureaucracy.  Examples:
      1. AD couldn’t have DOD employees report to him. Many coaches, like the sprint football coach, are officers, thus DOD.   
      2. The AD (Boo Corrigan) comp was only $150k. The question was how to retain good ODIA staff?
    • Interim solution was to place ODIA under an existing 501c3 (USNA model) à AOG.  This allowed liberalizing pay to be more in line with other colleges.  The long-term solution is to get congressional legislation.
    • Lindy Blackburn requested that John see if he could get AOG to better articulate the athletic changes so graduates can be comfortable.
    • AOG role/status now elevated - now acting as ‘quasi-procurement arm’ to negotiate contracts for the ARVN Gym annex, new lacrosse facility, sports fields, etc.  Now bringing these projects in on/under budget and on time vs. prior traditional approaches.
    • NY City tie-in – AOG trying to engage high net worth / high visibility folks from NYC to visit the academy and engage.  Example, Mayor Bloomberg played golf at WP and now may donate to a new club house.
  • Quarterly Meeting –
    • Sandhurst Dinner AAR – Walcott/Jackson
      1. About 20 attendees. Nice setting.  Good event
      2. Questions about how to increase attendance to future such events
    • Future Events – (notes missing on what was discussed)
  • Founders Day Planning, Sat, 7 March – Walcott/Board
    • Sup will be our speaker!  Speaking at CO Springs Mar 6 then our FD in Denver Mar 7
    • Menu – minor price increases – overall about 5%  
    • Dave Jackson confirmed that approval for the $1,000 downpayment to the University Club has been previously approved by the BOD
    • Lou proposed starting happy hour at 5:00 with dinner at 6:30 to take advantage of no charge room time and to help proprietor make it worth his while.

(Time ran short so these items were deferred to next meeting)
  • Parent’s Club Update – Walcott
  • Old Business -
  1. Navy Game 9 Dec – MacDonald
  2. Army v Air Force Hockey 16 & 17 Jan - MacDonald
  3. Society Webpage Donation Request – Jackson
    1. Bob to send out an email blast asking for donations by EOY.     
  • Renewed Business -
  1. AOG Donation
  2. Friend of West Point
  3. Young Grad Engagement Officer
  • Next Meeting - Annual Planning Meeting, 1700 Tuesday 27 January, Piccolo’s?
  • Adjourn NLT 1300