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MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott – 12 in attendance 
a.       Griesmer was designated to keep minutes due to the absence of the Secretary
2.       Approval of minutes –  minutes from May 5th approved with the following amendments:
a.       Under 3a, correct the spelling of “Ensenauer” to Enzenauer
b.       Under 3c, previous meeting minutes are posted to the society blog with a link to them on the society’s website
3.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       The society has one additional lifetime member.
b.       Some comments on the comment section of the website are going into a spam filter. McDonald will check into the issue and find a resolution.
4.       Distinguished Society Application-Robinson
a.       DS application is submitted and receipt is confirmed
b.       Walcott has previous DS streamers
c.       Walcott will convey the society’s opinion about the DS application to the leadership conference
5.       Admissions Update – Walcott
a.       33 cadet candidates: record admission
b.       102 open files for 2020
c.       The society will have a presence at several college fairs; Jackson has a list of college fairs and in interested in volunteers to attend them
d.       Motion approved to spend $400 on field force outreach
e.       Carroll is meeting with Major Yang this week
6.       Baseball Update-MacDonald
a.       3 tickets remaining for the last game on July 11
7.       Picnic Update-Frank
a.       July 19 from 11:00-2:30, $10 hamburger meal, $8 hotdog meal, $5 for just chips and soda
b.       3 families signed up
c.       Requested another email reminder
8.       Golf Tournament Update-Dalton
a.       July 31st at 8:00
b.       Presented the board with rules and a flier for the tournament for input and discussion
c.       An email reminder will go out and Walcott will forward information to the Parents’ Club
9.       Parents’ Club Update-Walcott
a.       All Academy ball will be held in December
b.       Walcott and Blackburn attended the send-off in June, each cadet candidate got a certificate of acceptance; it was a great event
c.       There will be an ice cream social in July
d.       Walcott will also attend a Parents’ Club social event at the end of July.
e.       There are meetings scheduled for September and October
10.   Quarterly Meeting-Walcott
a.       QM is traditionally a duty of the Vice President that the President wants to restart
b.       It should include a speaker, meal, or other activity
c.       A discussion was held regarding possible speakers, including members of the congressional delegation, retired general officers and commanders, and local graduates. An email will be sent out to gather more suggestions.
11.   New Business
a.       The society was solicited for a contribution to the Naval Academy society’s service academy ball. Discussion was tabled until the October meeting.
b.       Mary St. Onge is moving back to the area.
Next Meeting October 6 @ 1130

Submitted by : Tim Griesmer, ’02 

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