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MINUTES OF MEETING –October 7, 2014

Tallgrass Energy, 370 Van Gordon St. Denver, CO 80228
MINUTES OF MEETING –October 7, 2014

1.       Call to order – Lindy Bob Walcott – 12 in attendance 
2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of minutes – Streich; approved
3.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       Financials: as submitted.
b.      Membership Update: using Mail Chimp database.  Reconciliation needed.
c.       Jackson puts $50 towards charities or sends flowers to honor those grads and friends of WPSD who have passed away.  Expenditure approved.
4.       Distinguished Society – Robinson.  THANK YOU to Robbie
a.       We did receive Distinguished Society per Walcott.  They are adjusting the size classifications for societies.  Enhancing points available on topic of admissions and philanthropy and leadership conference attendance.  Roughly half of the societies received distinguished.
5.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       2019: more letters of assurance (3); one letter/acceptance already for a female athlete (basketball) with a 34 ACT.  Wow.
b.      111 files are open now.  About half are making progress . . . the other half are taking their time to see how Congressional nominations go.
c.       $35 per college fair admissions. 
d.      MAJ Yang visiting October 18th for Field Force at the FEMA office in Lakewood (8-10).
e.      College Fairs. 
6.       Baseball AAR – MacDonald
a.       Need to do fewer tickets because we only sold approx. 50. 
7.       Army Air Force & Army Navy viewing parties.
a.       One party in the North and one in the South.
b.      Army Navy: Blake Street Tavern was used last year and seemed to attract more grads. Ed will host his as he did last year as well. 
c.       Idea of Dave & Buster’s for Army Air Force
d.      End of January, the hockey team is coming.  Gymnastics is also coming to town early February.  Brian wants to put together a trip section down to the Springs. Bob will reach out to Stover for Pikes Society to talk about making contact with the cadets while in town.
8.       Parent’s Club Update – Walcott
a.       Bob was asked by a parent’s club member to be allowed to attend Founder’s Day. 
b.      Idea to reserve one table for the parent’s club.
c.       September was the social.  25 parents represented.  October is their “surviving” graduation meeting.  They are hosting a Air Force party in the Springs. 
d.      December 22nd is their All Academy Ball; Bob will be MC; speaker: parents
e.      Formal request submitted to $$ support the All Academy Ball.  Bronze level: $250.  Anonymous grad says he’ll match what we donate.  Suggested that we donate $125.00.  Approved. 
9.       Tri-Service Golf Tournament: Joel Martin. 
a.       We lost the trophy to Air Force.
b.      40 players!!  High attendance was due to calling and reaching out personally.
c.       $ went to prizes; more or less broke even.
10.   Quarterly Meeting.  October 22nd at the University Club @ 1730 (as a dinner event). Sandhurst alumni to speak.  $30 Society Members.
11.   AOG Leadership Conference – Walcott.
a.       Email sent out to the board with details . . .
b.      Highlights:
                                                               i.      Size of corps has not changed.
                                                             ii.      Significant construction activity. 
                                                            iii.      New visitors center is being updated
                                                           iv.      Arvin Gym annex will be down below near the track
                                                             v.      Bartlett Hall being renovated (connects to the library now).
                                                           vi.      Cyber War Institute will stand up at West Point. (Cyber Branch)
                                                          vii.      Admissions goals: women up to 22%; hoping for 25%. Minorities up as well.
                                                        viii.      Emphasis on Ethics/Leadership conference for high school students.
12.   Distinguished Graduate Nomination – Blackburn
a.       We have been asked to endorse Jodie _____ .
b.      Blackburn has only wonderful things to say about him and his efforts with AOG to help raise $350+ million. 
13.   Society Webpage: Jackson
a.       Donation webpage from D.C. suggested as an example to use to get companies to support, sponsor and/or donate to WPSD . . . leadership conference; college fairs . . .
14.   Next meeting is:
a.       Tuesday, December 2nd 1130 – General Meeting & FD Coordination
b.      Saturday, December 13th 1130 – ARMY v NAVY
c.       Tuesday, January 27th 1700 – Annual Planning Meeting & Dinner
d.      Tuesday, February 24th 1130 – Final FD Coordination
e.      Saturday, March 7th – Founder’s Day – Hoping for a general officer.  TBD
f.        Tuesday, May 5th – General Meeting & Officer Elections
15.   Adjourn: 1315

Submitted by: Lynn Streich, ‘00

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