Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday February 24th, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday February 24th, 2015
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott – 9 in attendance 
2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of minutes – Streich; approved
3.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       Financials: Dave requests moving funds around since annual planning meeting did not cost as much as allotted but the quarterly meetings will cost more moving forward.
b.      Budget: proposed changes/accepted
4.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       Status of Program:  13 Candidates have been sent invites.  Amy Efaw to work on attendance so that more than 6 candidates attend.  Deadline, March 4th. 3 so far.
5.       Founders Day, March 7
a.       Attendance & pricing update – Jackson -- $85 (non-member), $75 (member) + $10 less for active duty members
b.      Programs – Jackson – Brian MacDonald is printing them.  Discussed adding in some fun interactive questions with the audience as well as singing The Corp. 
c.       Toasts – assigned individual toasts
d.      Membership Flyer: stick a flyer by the bar and where the tickets/name tags are.  Brian will print out.
e.      SUPE Escort & ’75 cocktail reception – BG Bob Enzenauer ’75 will escort and Class of ’75 cocktail reception will be in the U Club Members Bar beginning at 1730.
f.        Reception/Setup/Placemats/etc. – Jackson will drop off items off a week before the event.  Brian needs a couple people to assist him.  Show up early to help.
g.       Admissible Candidate Meeting – Carroll
h.      Parent’s Club Invite Update – Walcott – They did send out and a few parents signed up.
i.         LTG Caslen – Class sponsor – need a class of ’75 to possibly step up to house the Supe?
j.        Oldest/Youngest – Erin Jankowski ’12 & BG Rich Cardillo ‘55
k.       Flag: LTG Caslen’s aide to bring flag back to Denver.  Other flags to be picked up from National Guard.
l.         Nominations: 2 positions open.  Lindy Williams will conduct that business portion of Founder’s Day.  Dave Ketter ‘87 & Chad Dalton ’89 to stand up.
m.    Gifts: The Parting, by Rich Adams.
Next Meeting May 4th @ 1130 hours.

Submitted by: Lynn Streich, ’00 @ 1245

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