Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Minutes from December 2nd, 2014

West Point Society of Denver
Board of Directors Meeting  Minutes
Tuesday December 2nd, 2014 1130 - 1300
370 Van Gordon Street, Lakewood, Colorado 80228

  • Call to Order -  Walcott
    • 8 in attendance (may not be a quorum)
  • Secretary’s Report/Minutes Approval – MacDonald
    • Minutes from prior meeting approved
  • Treasurer’s Report – Jackson
    • Financials submitted
    • 2015 Budget draft presented for input from BOD between now and January’s planning meeting. Budget is at a $300 deficit and Dave would like to get it balanced.
    • Membership up net 3 members
    • Seeking ideas for Founders Day costs
      1. With increased ‘subsidized’ attendees like candidates, we need to increase revenue in order to pay
      2. Younger grads may need lower price – how do?
  • Distinguished Society – Robinson
    • The Distinguished Society report changed – Bob reviewed key changes; Lou Schroeder requested a copy of the new report format
      1. # elective activity points up from 40 to 60 – how those points are assigned is looser, counting individual activities
      2. # elective activities up from 5 to 7
    • Dave Jackson recommended we post the report to our website – MacDonald took the task to get it posted
  • Admissions Update – Tom Carroll
    • Out of 5 district, 180 files opened, 98 still open
    • This seems lower than last year – EOY 2013 we had 231 files open; Tom to check if national trend is the same
    • Interviews – Dave Jackson has been active; Tom is getting more active:
    • We have 6 letters of Assurance (3 recruited athletes)
    • College Fairs – paid for 18 fairs, attended 9, saw ~220 students
    • Tom to talk to Amy Efaw to organize Admissible candidate meeting
  • Guest Speaker – John Robb ’91 – AOG Board Update
    • Discussed leadership of AOG;
    • Cash flow – AOG has done well with ‘planned giving’ which are estate donations but those revenues are not realized immediately; more focus now on current cash donations
    • Big 2014 initiative is athletics - Needed fixing; difficult operating environment due to DOD and USMA bureaucracy.  Examples:
      1. AD couldn’t have DOD employees report to him. Many coaches, like the sprint football coach, are officers, thus DOD.   
      2. The AD (Boo Corrigan) comp was only $150k. The question was how to retain good ODIA staff?
    • Interim solution was to place ODIA under an existing 501c3 (USNA model) à AOG.  This allowed liberalizing pay to be more in line with other colleges.  The long-term solution is to get congressional legislation.
    • Lindy Blackburn requested that John see if he could get AOG to better articulate the athletic changes so graduates can be comfortable.
    • AOG role/status now elevated - now acting as ‘quasi-procurement arm’ to negotiate contracts for the ARVN Gym annex, new lacrosse facility, sports fields, etc.  Now bringing these projects in on/under budget and on time vs. prior traditional approaches.
    • NY City tie-in – AOG trying to engage high net worth / high visibility folks from NYC to visit the academy and engage.  Example, Mayor Bloomberg played golf at WP and now may donate to a new club house.
  • Quarterly Meeting –
    • Sandhurst Dinner AAR – Walcott/Jackson
      1. About 20 attendees. Nice setting.  Good event
      2. Questions about how to increase attendance to future such events
    • Future Events – (notes missing on what was discussed)
  • Founders Day Planning, Sat, 7 March – Walcott/Board
    • Sup will be our speaker!  Speaking at CO Springs Mar 6 then our FD in Denver Mar 7
    • Menu – minor price increases – overall about 5%  
    • Dave Jackson confirmed that approval for the $1,000 downpayment to the University Club has been previously approved by the BOD
    • Lou proposed starting happy hour at 5:00 with dinner at 6:30 to take advantage of no charge room time and to help proprietor make it worth his while.

(Time ran short so these items were deferred to next meeting)
  • Parent’s Club Update – Walcott
  • Old Business -
  1. Navy Game 9 Dec – MacDonald
  2. Army v Air Force Hockey 16 & 17 Jan - MacDonald
  3. Society Webpage Donation Request – Jackson
    1. Bob to send out an email blast asking for donations by EOY.     
  • Renewed Business -
  1. AOG Donation
  2. Friend of West Point
  3. Young Grad Engagement Officer
  • Next Meeting - Annual Planning Meeting, 1700 Tuesday 27 January, Piccolo’s?
  • Adjourn NLT 1300

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