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MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, May 5th, 2015
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott – 14 in attendance 
a.       The commander of American Legion Post 1 welcomed the board
b.       Griesmer was designated to keep minutes due to the absence of the Secretary
2.       Nominations for Society officers-Blackburn
a.       The following slate of officers was nominated for election
                                                               i.      Bob Walcott-President
                                                             ii.      Brian MacDonald-Vice President
                                                           iii.      Tom Carroll-Admissions
                                                           iv.      Lynn Streich-Secretary
                                                             v.      Dave Jackson-Treasurer
b.       The slate was unanimously elected.
3.       Approval of minutes –
a.       Minutes from the February 24, 2015 meeting were amended so that item 5e would reflect Bob Enzenauer was assigned as escort to the USMA Superintendent and that the reception was scheduled for 5:30pm.-minutes were approved as amended.
b.       Minutes from the annual meeting on March 7, 2015-approved
c.      previous meeting minutes are posted to the society blog with a link to them on the society’s website
4.       Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved
a.       Founder’s Day AAR-the WPSD can expect that if it continues to use the University Club for Founder’s Day, either annual costs for will continue to increase or the WPSD will see a larger revenue loss at future events. There are also some concerns about size limitations.
b.       The board voted to use the University Club for Founder’s Day again next year.
c.       The WPSD donated $100 to the WP AOG
5.       Distinguished Society Application-Robinson
a.       The board reviewed the application and determined the WPSD has enough points to submit application.
b.       Robinson will send an updated application to the board for review.
6.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       Status of Program:  30 candidates have accepted nominations, 5 have declined
b.       The Parents Club will host a sendoff party on June 7
c.       Class of 2019 saw a decrease in the number of files opened but no change in the quality of the candidates
d.       80 files are currently open for the class of 2020 (120 statewide)
e.       Carroll is working with Admissions to fill college fairs
f.        An early fall candidate meeting is anticipated
7.       Baseball Update-MacDonald
a.       3 games are scheduled (May 9, May 23, July 11); tickets are available for all three
8.       Golf Tournament Update-Martin
a.       Scheduled for July 31, 8:00am at the AFA; there will be a link on the website
b.       Air Force is taking the lead on planning the event; WPSD recommended to them that the price be kept low
c.       Chad will take over as the WPSD rep for planning the event
9.       Picnic Update-Frank
a.       Scheduled for July 19 at City Park; permit is approved
b.       There will be an ability to select food options ahead of time and pay ahead of time.
10.   Parent’s Club Update-Walcott
a.       Sendoff event will be June 7; Wolcott will represent WPSD and Blackburn will represent the 50 year class
b.       Wolcott will extend an offer to the Parent’s Club to participate in the golf tournament
c.       Wolcott will also offer to post Parent’s Club events that can be attended by WPSD members on our website
11.   New Business
a.       The AFA jump team “Wings of Blue” offered to participate in any events if there is interest
b.       There is a need to find a new POC for the Leadership Academy
Next Meeting July 7 @ 1130

Submitted by : Tim Griesmer, ’02 

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