Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, July 15, 2020



Board of Directors Meeting

MINUTES OF MEETING – Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Meeting conducted remotely via MS Teams


1.       Call to Order - Joel Martin at 11:35 AM


a.       Ten voting board members in attendance, making a quorum.

b.       Board members attending: Dave Jackson, Steve Best, Joel Martin, Brian MacDonald (Immediate Past President), Chad Dalton, Bob Walcott, Deb Case, Mike Euperio, Corey Wroblewski, Katie Wilson, Sam Thiessen

c.       Guests: Guy Higgins, USNA; Jace Johnson, Colorado Field Force


2.       Review/Approval of Minutes (Thiessen acting for Griesmer)

a.       President Joel Martin noted that Gen Casey was approved as a Friend of West Point.

b.       Dave Jackson moved to approve May 6, 2020 minutes with change/add that “Our recommendation/nomination of General Casey as a Friend of West Point has been approved by AOG.”

c.       Motion seconded and passed unanimously with the change


3.       Treasurer Report

a.       Treasurer Brian MacDonald reviewed report via a ppt slide

b.       Dave Jackson moved to approve.  Motion was seconded and passed unanimously.


4.       Society Membership Update

a.       Brian MacDonald reported that we have 153 paid members, 81 members whose dues expired, one new life member.

b.       To increase revenues, Brian asked whether we should consider raising the Life Membership fee early (now) from $350 to a proposed $500 fee, or if we should wait until the currently planned later timeframe.  It was decided to wait, but to send a membership dues reminder out to those with expired memberships.


5.       Distinguished Society (Griesmer).

a.       Joel reported that it looks like there are no problems with last month’s submission and we should have no problem maintaining our Distinguished Society status.


6.       Admissions

a.       Jace Johnson reviewed Field Force Leads in the state and what Congressional Districts they support.  He supports the 2nd District (PowerPoint slide presented)

                                                               i.      The annual averages for the past three years are: 344 files opened, 138 total nominations to 114 candidates, with 23 accepted, 2 declined

                                                             ii.      Beast started late because of COVID-19.  It started this week on three separated days to allow distancing. 

                                                           iii.      All Cows & Firsties are there for cadre and other details

                                                           iv.      Field force or another grad must now interview a candidate. 

                                                             v.      College Fairs and Academy Days (in the spring) coming up.  Jace questioned the effectiveness of College Fairs, but he recognized some value in waving the USMA flag.

b.       Bob Walcott reported an article on this year’s R-Day was in WSJ yesterday (14 July).

c.       Dave Jackson suggests that Jace be placed on board.   Sam Thiessen presented a motion nominating Jace Johnson to assume Keven Miller’s vacated board position as the Vice President for Admissions.  Bob Walcott said he believed that this would be a temporary position until the next General Meeting during our Founders Day Celebration next year.  (Bob clarified after the meeting that the bylaws say the appointment should go to the end of the term of the BM being replaced)

d.       The nomination was seconded and Jace was elected to the board as VP for Admissions with a unanimous vote.


7.       Candidates Send-Off

a.       Joel Martin reported that the Parents Club held its Cadets Send-Off in Castle Rock on 30 May.  The Pikes Peak Society played a significant role in sponsoring the Send-Off.


8.       Founders Day Committee Update

a.       President Joel Martin is considering a site other than the University Club for our Founders Day Dinner next year.  Bob Walcott concurred, observing that the University Club might not be available or fit our budget.

9.       Summer Picnic Date

a.       Joel suggested possibly holding this event in August.  He pointed out that there has been good turnout in the past.  Dave Jackson suggested sending out an email blast to the membership to solicit interest.  Mike Euperio suggested possible locations.  With Mark Frank no longer chairing this event, holding it is left open to discussion with others interested in the event.


10.   Tri-Service Golf Tournament:  Chad Dalton reported that the tournament to be hosted by the AFA at a USAFA course in August of this year is cancelled.  The Navy Association wants to canvas for interest later in the year, with no firm date and at a course to be determined.  We will canvas our membership as well.  This would not be a “trophy event”


11.   Air Force & Navy Game watch parties – Joel reports that no firm WPSD plans to be made for the events scheduled, respectively, for November 7 and December 12, 2020 have been made because of uncertainty resulting from COVID-19.


12.   Young Grad Engagement: Mike Euperio and Corey Wroblewski reported that no plans had been made for any events at this point, but they have been discussing possibilities.   Chad Dalton mentioned that Washington Park fire pits are available where we might have an event.  Joel mentioned that Leavitt Pavilion recently announced it is available for outside concerts.


13.    Helping Transitioning Grads:  Katie Wilson opened discussion on the Sallyport website with an overview of development progress and asking for suggestions/recommendations for application improvements.  Joel commented that the site is growing quickly.  Katie agreed that it is gaining acceptance and increasing number of transitioning grads are becoming familiar with it.  Brian MacDonald reminded that we are one of the few societies who are involved in what is still a beta site.  Brian commented that perhaps we provide guidance to get WPSD grads more involved and fully complete the spreadsheet.


14.   WPSD Website – Joel reported that our Go Daddy account will be renewed. 


15.   Other Business:

a.       A virtual Leadership Conference at West Point is scheduled for 13 August in lieu of the regularly planned in-person Conference.  Joel Martin and Steve Best will participate.  All board members are eligible but must notify Joel or Steve to be registered by 3 August.  Steve will forward the invitation with agenda and registration info. (Which he has)

b.       Dave Jackson brought up an “investigation” into race letter signed by 21 grads recently.  Joel asks, should we “engage” as a Society?  Deb recommends that we read it (she was asked to sign it), but also that we gather more information before we proceed.  Katie reported that she had been asked as well.  Steve pointed out the recent Washington Post article on this and said he would forward the article. Joel said he will bring it up on his upcoming regional call with AOG, but nothing to do right now except review article, etc.


Next Board Meeting – October 7th


Meeting Adjourned at 1242

Monday, July 20, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Meeting conducted remotely via Zoom

1.       Call to order – Brian MacDonald at 11:30 AM
a.       Fourteen voting board members in attendance, making a quorum.
b.       Board members attending: Katie Wilson, Dave Jackson, Brian MacDonald, Bob Walcott, Steve Best, Joel Martin, Sam Thiessen, Lindy Blackburn, Chad Dalton, Cory Wroblewski, Andy Benson, Lou Schroeder, Mike Euperio, Tim Griesmer
c.       Guest: Guy Higgins, USNA

2.       The board welcomed Katie Wilson ’16 as its newest member.

3.       Election of officers- Bob Walcott
a.       The following slate of officers was nominated to serve from May 2020 until the next election.
                                                               i.      President: Joel Martin
                                                             ii.      First Vice President: Steve Best
                                                           iii.      Vice President-Admissions: Kevin Miller
                                                           iv.      Treasurer: Brian MacDonald
                                                             v.      Secretary: Tim Griesmer
b.       The board approved the nominations on a vote of 14-0.

4.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of Minutes – Tim Griesmer
a.       Minutes from the January 28, 2020 annual planning meeting were approved 14-0.
b.       Minutes from the February 6, 2020 board of directors meeting were approved 14-0.
c.       Tim Griesmer provided the board with an update on the Distinguished Society application.

5.       2020 Society Budget – Brian MacDonald
a.       Brian MacDonald reviewed the proposed 2020 budget.
b.       The 2020 budget was approved 14-0.

6.       Treasurer’s Report – Brian MacDonald
a.       Treasurer’s report was presented and approved 14-0.

7.       Membership Update – Brian MacDonald
a.       The board decided to delay the scheduled increase in lifetime membership fees due to the COVID pandemic.
b.       Brian MacDonald led an orientation of Sallyport and the Society’s new website. Society leadership is pushing the use of Sallyport, and all board members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the platform and update their individual profiles.
c.       The board members agree that we need to do a better job of publishing death notifications and Sallyport can be a useful tool in doing so.

8.       Leadership and Ethics Seminar – Joel Martin.  The seminar is cancelled for 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. Our recommendation/nomination of General Casey as a Friend of West Point has been approved by AOG. The award will be presented at a future event.

9.       Founders Day 2021 will be held on Saturday, March 13, 2021.

10.   The 2020 Tri-Service Golf Tournament is still pending a go/no go decision.

11.   Baseball outings for 2020 are still pending a go/no go decision.

12.   Young grad engagement events for this summer are still pending a go/no go decision.

13.   Other announcements
a.       Lindy Blackburn is working to help plan the Parker Memorial Day ceremony.
b.       Steve Best is working to help plan the Ft. Logan Cemetery Memorial Day ceremony.
The next board meeting will be held July 15, 2020 at 11:30 AM. The meeting will either be virtual or will be held at Piccolo’s Restaurant, 3563 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80237
The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.
Submitted by: Tim Griesmer ‘02