Saturday, May 20, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday February 21st,

West Point Society of Denver
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday February 21st, 2017 1130 - 1300
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver, CO 80222

1.      Call to order—Chairman Bob Walcott at 1135
a.      There were nine members present which constituted a quorum.
b.      One guest, Andy Benson ‘00
2.      Secretary’s Report/ Approval of Minutes—Walcott
a.      Minutes were approved with an amendment on line two to read “Board of Directors Annual Meeting”.
3.      Treasurer’s Report—Jackson
a.      The society has 1011 members with 99 paid (an increase of 12) plus 61 Lifetime paid.
b.      Jackson noted that the Society had received Donations (as part of the Founder’s Day ticket process) of $3,031 for Outreach, Candidate meals, Distinguished Society, Wine glasses and unspecified donations.  He noted there will probably be more as more people sign up for Founder’s Day.
c.       The Treasure’s report was accepted as submitted.
4.      Admissions Update—Carroll
a.      There have been 14 offers proffered for the Class of 2021.  Four have accepted and one has declined. 
b.      West Point has raised the PT standards for admission and has been requesting video tapes of candidates whose scores seem suspect.
5.      Founder’s Day Final Planning—Walcott and MacDonald
a.      There was a lengthy discussion of the sequence of events and final coordination for Founder’s Day (Fri 3Mar).  Final assignments and tweaks were made to the Program and assignments/participation.
b.      The Board agreed to reimburse Walcott for the embossed wine glasses ($859) and to pay the increased cost of rooms at the Brown Palace for the Commandant and her temporary Aide de Camp.
c.       Eighteen Candidates have been invited to the Admissible Candidate Meeting with the Commandant preceding the Dinner.  Ten have accepted, 4 have declined and 4 are unknown.  Six have accepted the Founder’s Day invitation.
d.      The Board agreed that a copy of “Battle Dress” by Amy Efaw would be a good speaker’s gift for BG Holland.
6.      USNA Alumni Association Coordination—Schroeder
a.      Joe Procopio is in the hospital.  Nothing further to report.
7.      Summer—Long Range Planning
a.      Family Picnic 25 Jun in Wash Park—on track (Frank not present)
b.      Rockies 17 Jun and 2 Aug—On track-- MacDonald
c.       Golf Tri Service Academy Tournament – Dalton --on track for 7 July
8.      Old Business   
a.      Walcott will submit George Brauchler for Friend of West Point status.  Suggestion to have him as a quarterly luncheon/dinner general membership meeting speaker.
b.      Graduate “Be Thou at Peace” notices will be sent out by Walcott.
9.      New Business—Vietnam War Commemoration—Schroeder, Blackburn/Robinson (Moore absent)
a.      There have been many events in the Denver area the last year—the largest at Ft. Logan hosted by the VA.  The three Vietnam veterans present indicated that late appreciation did little for them , or they had been appreciated at these events too many times already.
b.      Recommendation was to do nothing.
10.  Adjourn—a quorum was no longer present, so the meeting was terminated by acclamation at 1258 .

Robinson ‘68
Volunteer Scribe

Sunday, March 12, 2017

General Membership Meeting - March 3, 2017

During the Founders Day celebration at the Denver University Club on March 3, 2017, the Society held its Annual General Membership Meeting.

Lindy Blackburn called the meeting to order at approximately 2000 hours.

The only order of business was to elect new Board Members and confirm existing Board memberships and term of service. The following listing was provided:

Proposed Board Member Nominations

Board Terms to 2020 Founders Day Election

Serve to 2018                       Serve to 2019                  Serve to 2020

Cory Wroblewski ’06       Lou Schroeder ’59              Chad Dalton ’89
Dave Jackson ’73           Mike Euperio ’03                 Sam Thiessen ’73
Steve Best ’76                Tom Carroll ’78                    Mark Frank ’00
Brian MacDonald ’83      Natasha Moore’95              Joel Martin ’02
Andy Benson ‘00            Amy Efaw ’89                       Tim Griesmer ’02
                                        Lindy Blackburn ’69       

Immediate Past President:  Bob Walcott ’78

Board Member Emeritus                                Year Inducted

Tom Hicklin ’57                                                           2009
Jim Harrington ’62                                                     2010

Robby Robinson ‘ 68                                                  2016

A verbal vote approved and confirmed the above.

The Meetiing was adjourned at approximately 2010 hours.