Monday, June 23, 2014

West Point Society Denver, Board Minutes May 6, 2014

Tallgrass Energy, 370 Van Gordon St. Denver, CO 80228

1.       Call to order – Lindy Blackburn comments on stepping down as president. 
a.       President, Bob Wolcott ‘78
b.      Vice President, Amy Efaw ’89
c.       VP Admissions, Tom Carroll ’78
d.      Treasurer, Dave Jackson, ’73,
e.      Secretary, Lynn Streich, , ‘00
2.       Approval of minutes (thank you Ed Hlopak)
3.       Treasurer’s Report –
a.       January Minutes – Annual Planning Meeting minutes, Founders Day
b.      Founder’s Day Financials
                                                               i.      Paid for 13 meals (candidates).  24 parents
                                                             ii.      Society & spouse/guest: 122 (<60 grads)
                                                            iii.      Guests 6 (2 AOG)
c.       Membership Update
4.       Distinguished Society – Robinson: WPSD is a “large” society.   Deadline: June 30th.  No concerns.
5.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       Email from MAJ Yang from Field Force.
b.      2018: official scholarships is $202,000/cadet (not including summer trainings)
c.       Approx 15,100 applied.  10,000 were competitive and got a second step.  2,400 fully qualified, 1,200 will be accepted.  23 accepted from Colorado. No numbers on how many will accept.
d.      MAJ Yang asked us to move up processes by 2 months (interviews done by December)
e.      6 from CO will go to USMAPS, 2 will go to Civil (2019)
f.        Robby Robinson has certificates from Class of ’67 (50th year)
g.       Academy Day – Joel Martin ‘02
6.       Baseball Update – MacDonald
a.       Slow start . . . only 2 registrants on 1st game (Easter)
b.      4 more games; need help getting the word out (25 tix per).  $29.00 per tix
                                                               i.      Next game: May 22nd (1pm, Thursday) – 5 ppl signed up now (Giants)
                                                             ii.      June 6th (against the Dodgers @ 6:40)
                                                            iii.      July 26th (Pirates @ 6:10)
                                                           iv.      August 7th (Cubs @ 1:10))
                                                             v.      Brian MacDonald: 303-915-6126,
                                                          vii.      Consider reimbursing Brian for money he is out.
7.       Picnic Update – Frank
a.       Date: Sunday, June 15, 2014 (11:00 – 2:30) pm
b.      Eisenhower Park picnic area, close to playground and horseshoe pit; near Colorado/Hampden, not far from 1-25.  Permit secured. 
c.       Food: TBD
d.      Marketing: membership blast; mailed flyers; MailChimp
8.       Parent’s Club Update
a.       Send Off Luncheon: June 7th @ West Bowles Community Church
9.       Tri-Service Golf Tournament: Joel Martin.  We’ll end up doing it . . .
a.       0800, Friday, August 1st. 
b.      No contract signed yet.  Mr. Stover (Pike’s Peak) might have 3-4 twosomes, us, Air Force might have a few as well.  Hard to get people to sign up.  Eisenhower Golf Course; Reduce fees: green fees ($85) + food ($15).  Overage donated to the school’s golf team. 
c.       Issue: Motivation to sign up -- Need more than 8 4-somes to make it work it. 
10.   Quarterly Meeting.  Sandhurst alumni could speak.  No date.
11.   New Business:
a.       Jobs postings on website with links to descriptions.
b.      Society Leaders: conference calls for leadership on ethics (not ideal for website)
c.       Letter from superintendant (Brian MacDonald to post to website)
12.   Adjourn
13.   Next meeting is:
a.       Tuesday, July 1st 1130 – General Meeting
b.      Tuesday, October 7th 1130 – General Meeting
c.       Tuesday, December 2nd 1130 – General Meeting & FD Coordination
d.      Saturday, December 13th 1130 – ARMY v NAVY
e.      Tuesday, January 27th 1700 – Annual Planning Meeting & Dinner
f.        Tuesday, February 24th 1130 – Final FD Coordination
g.       Saturday, March 7th (tentative) – Founder’s Day
h.      Tuesday, May 5th – General Meeting & Officer Elections
Tuesday, May 27th, VA Regional Office lobby @ 1130. Steve Best, Executive Director reception.
Submitted by: Lynn Streich, ‘00

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