Monday, June 23, 2014

West Point Societ of Denver, Board Minutes February 18, 2014

Tallgrass Energy, 370 Van Gordon St. Denver, CO 80228

1. Treasurer’s Report – Dave reported with no comments.
2. There were no minutes of meeting from the previous quarterly WPSD meeting
3. Motion made to donate ticket(s) to Jerry Miller for his work and for donating his home to cadets coming to the area (for sporting events?).  Motion passed.
4. Founder’s Day:
                a. Plans in place for speakers, cadets and parents.
                b. Class of ’84 reception set for 1630 hrs per the program.
                c. Election of Board of Directors process will be included in the program.
5. Sam reviewed the Board Election Process and provided a list of all past presidents who represent the board nominating committee:
                a. Dick Auer ‘55
                b. Bob Beale ‘59
                c. JJ McDonald ‘45
                d. Jim Nicholson ‘61
                e. Jim Harrignton ‘62
                f. Lou Schroeder ‘59
                g. Tom Coker ‘69
                h. Robby Robinson ‘67
                i. Chuck Jones ‘68
                j. Sam Thiessen ‘73
6. Distinguished Society – Robby is collecting all data/info to support the new/updated points requirements including new board positions.
7. Admissions – Carrol presented status on offers & the final days of file completion (10 days); 18 offers state-wide; 12 in Denver area; 5 accepted thus far; expect 4 of 7 remaining to accept.
8. For 2019 – 1 accepted to USMAPS (SM from Ft. Bragg – originally from Colorado – 4th district).
9. 36 of 47 apply to SLE – expect 3-4 more; we will fund a scholarship if a need arises.
10. 4400 + 1% (4444) max strength the day before graduation – FYI on USMA cadet strength objective
11. Location for Quarterly Presentation – still TBD
12. Adjourned.
13. Next Meeting is 2nd Tuesday in May.

1.       Draft Founder’s Day Program
2.       2. Agenda from 18 Feb 14 meeting
3.       Treasurer’s report from 18 Feb 14 meeting.

Submitted by: Ed Hlopak, ‘89

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