Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MInutes of July 1 2014 Meeting

Tallgrass Energy, 370 Van Gordon St. Denver, CO 80228

1.       Call to order – Lindy Bob Walcott – 12 in attendance 
2.       Approval of minutes
3.       Treasurer’s Report –
a.       Picnic – only lost $29.  Considered a win.
b.      Membership Update: discussed what service we should you for members paying for events and membership on line.  Dave Jackson likes using .org.  AOG supports us with the listserve.
c.       Approval of financials
4.       Distinguished Society – Robinson.  THANK YOU to Robbie
a.       The calendar now goes June to June (their fiscal year).  The application has drastically changed.  Denver is a “large” society therefore the rules are more stringent.  You need to have an activity in all sections. We made it but it was a bit of a struggle 49 points of 40 needed.  Going forward, it won’t be as easy and everyone at the table will have to contribute to the bottom line because it’s no longer a one-man job.
b.      Community involvement – are we capturing all we do as members in the community?
                                                               i.      Helping an old grad
                                                             ii.      Helping a grad transition
                                                            iii.      Civic activities
c.       Question: Do we want to be a distinguished society?  Is it worth the effort?
                                                               i.      Societies exist for the members not for the AOG.
                                                             ii.      We are incorporated.
                                                            iii.      What is the benefit of being a distinguished society?
1.       Bragging rights
2.       *Edge of getting an officer for founders day from WP
3.       The banner
d.      Question: How many other things/activities would we as a society like to take on?
                                                               i.      Make a financial contribution at the society level
                                                             ii.      Designate an officer in charge of “young grad engagement.” (worth a point)
                                                            iii.      Nominate a friend of West Point (parents club, congressional liaison).  ** president of the parents club was suggested.
                                                           iv.      Divide up the application and have a different board member be responsible for parts so that Robbie Robinson is not responsible for the entire application.
5.       Admissions Update – Carroll
a.       2018 in the books
b.      25 statewide admitted.  Northern Colorado: 149 files opened, 25% admitted that applied.  More files opened, 16 admitted (lowest year in past years because 5 declined)
c.       2019: 6 going to USMAPS
d.      We have 126 files opened today.  Second step kits sent out this week
e.      MAJ Yang asked us to move up processes by 2 months (interviews done by Christmas)
f.        A pool of 62 are competitive right now.
g.       College Fairs.  MAJ Yang will pay for 2.  1 is free, so we’ll have 3.  October is usually when we have them in Denver.  5-10 October (Platt Canyon & Conifer High Schools) / 19-24 October (Heritage/Montebello/Denver South high schools) we should have good coverage. 
h.      Trying to rejuvenate the MALO program.  Any reserve officers can earn points (only).
6.       Baseball Update – MacDonald
a.       If you know anyone that wants to go – only 6 per game are signed up right now.
b.      2 more games; need help getting the word out (25 tix per).  $29.00 per tix
                                                               i.      July 26th (Pirates @ 6:10)
                                                             ii.      August 7th (Cubs @ 1:10))
                                                            iii.      Brian MacDonald: 303-915-6126, brimacd@gmail.com
                                                           iv.      Brian is NOT concerned about being reimbursed.
                                                             v.      Brian suggested we don’t promote ourselves well enough.
                                                           vi.      Chatter about how best and often to send emails out.
7.       Picnic Update – Frank . . . Went well.  Basically broke even.  Mark open to doing it again next year.  Total attendance was 18 adults (about 14 children).
8.       Parent’s Club Update – Walcott
a.       They had their send off on June 7th.  Tom Carroll, Amy Efaw and Robbie Robinson were all there. 
b.      Next week is the ice cream social to talk about beast barracks.
c.       End of summer social activity planned then they’ll work on boodle boxes.
9.       Tri-Service Golf Tournament: Joel Martin. 
a.       It’s on.  0800, Friday, August 1st.  $80 for civilian; $50 for DoD
b.      Meals $10 additional
c.       Issue: Motivation to sign up -- Need more than people to sign up.
d.      Joel will send out the rules so everyone is on board.  Doing as much as he can to sell the tournament.  No one from Pike’s Peak so far.  3 4-somes have signed up.
e.      Walcott to notify the parents club (WP & Navy)
10.   Quarterly Meeting.  Sandhurst alumni will speak.  October 15th or 22nd are the proposed dates at the University Club (as a dinner event).
11.   AOG Leadership Conference – Walcott will go.
12.   New Business:
a.       Last Saturday AUSA had a golf tournament and 2 members were present.
b.      Conversation with Pikes Peak WPS president.  Founder’s Day speaker.  Stover reached out and said, we want this weekend and we want Friday.  Our’s will be March 7th.
13.   Next meeting is:
a.       Tuesday, October 7th 1130 – General Meeting
b.      Tuesday, December 2nd 1130 – General Meeting & FD Coordination
c.       Saturday, December 13th 1130 – ARMY v NAVY
d.      Tuesday, January 27th 1700 – Annual Planning Meeting & Dinner
e.      Tuesday, February 24th 1130 – Final FD Coordination
f.        Saturday, March 7th (tentative) – Founder’s Day
g.       Tuesday, May 5th – General Meeting & Officer Elections
14.   Adjourn

Submitted by: Lynn Streich, ‘00

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