Thursday, August 12, 2010

WPSD Board Meeting May 18, 2010

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1134 by Thiessen.

Roll Call

Lou Schroeder ’59, Bruce Miller ’63, Chuck Jones ’68, Robby Robinson ’68, Lindy Blackburn ’69, Sam Thiessen ’73, Dave Jackson ’73, Steve Best ’76, Bob Walcott ’78, Amy Efaw ’89, Dan Young ’94, Mark Frank ’00, Jonnie Karpuk ’01, and Joel Martin ’02. A quorum was present.


Mark Frank and Jonnie Karpuk were new visitors to the Board. The Board introduced themselves to the visitors.

Review Minutes

Minutes of 23 February 2010 were reviewed. A motion to approve was submitted and seconded. These were approved with unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report

Jay Bridge contacted Thiessen last night and announced that he was moving to Arizona. He was already in AZ, so there was not a Treasurer’s report. Bridge will be back in Colorado next week and will do a handover to a new Treasurer. Blackburn will also participate in the hand over for continuity.

Robinson reported that he had filed the 990N tax report with the IRS. The Board discussed the continuing requirement and delegated the task to the Vice president to do on an annual basis, which can be included in our by-laws


Joel Martin announced that this year’s Tri-Service Academy Golf tournament would be held on Friday June 18 with an 0800 start. Air Force is running the Tourney this year. Hopefully, we will also get the announcement up on the web site. We are looking forward to another championship in this event!

Thiessen also announced that the AUSA Golf Tourney will be on June 14 at Buffalo Run Golf Course in northern Aurora.


Jackson reported that we have 890 total members in our area, 208 paid members, 51 life members, and 49 honorary members. There was another long discussion about the AOG member data base, the member data base, and the WPSD member data base. Jackson has now combined and consolidated the AOG, and the WPSD data bases and is resolving any conflicts. This has been a huge task and many thanks go to Dave for undertaking this task.


Walcott reported that all nomination slates for the upcoming class have been completed. As of this report 19 candidates have accepted and 1-2 more offers are pending. The new Class will have 1400 candidates entering.

Walcott reported that there were over 400 candidates at the All Academy Day. Robinson reported that there is a continued need for funds to cover the costs of the venue (janitorial services, opening the hall, etc.). He moved that the Board budget $100 a year for the foreseeable future to assist with these costs. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

WP Parents Club

Walcott reported that the New Cadet SendOff will be on June 13 at Wings Over the Rockies. Amy Efaw plans to attend, as her daughter enters the academy this summer.

Army Navy game

Schroeder reported that Cool River has been reserved for this year’s game. We anticipate that Navy will have to worry about 2011.

Summer Leadership Seminar

Blackburn reported that he had not received any applications for this year’s scholarship.

Classes/Societies Leadership Conference

Thiessen reported that this is a great program and we have been invited to West Point to participate by the AOG for the 8-10 Aug conference. Thiessen plans to attend.

Air Force Game

This will be televised in 2010 and we will have a gathering to watch Army defeat Air Force in November.

Quarterly Luncheons/Dinners

The Conrad Nutting presentation was very well received. We had a great turn out. Dumitri’s restaurant did an outstanding job in hosting us.

Bob Moscatelli was the Deputy Commandant of Cadets when women were admitted to the Academy. He has volunteered to give a presentation on those times.

John Barry AFA ’73 is the Director of Public Schools for Aurora and is another potential speaker.

Letters to Congressional Delegations

Thiessen reported that these will be sent out soon for the upcoming class of candidates, noting that Bruce Miller had volunteered to coordinate assignment of WPSD grads to represent us on Congressional admissions panels. Miller asked that anyone with a Congressional staffer contact name, to forward the same to Bruce. The question was raised about the Wyoming delegation. Miller will research and see who covers them.

By Laws Committees

Schroeder reported that the ByLaws Committee was gathering past versions of the document. Schroeder reported that the committee comprises Lewis, St. Onge, Blackburn, Jones, and Best as members, with Bob Berry Hon ’69 as counsel.

Past President’s Meeting

Thiessen reported this meeting was held 9 January 2010 and he has sent out minutes to all board members.

Winter Newsletter

Martin will be sending out the newsletter by 1 June 2010. Anyone wishing to include an article for the newsletter needs to send their information to Martin NLT Friday 21 May.

Nominating Committee for Board Members

Jones reports the results of the election of Board members at this year's Founder's Day.

6 Board Members were nominated and elected by unanimous proclamation. They include the following:

Sam Thiessen

Jay Bridge

Mike Lewis

Dan Young

John Greiman

Amy Efaw

Jones proposed a slate of new officers as President – Thiessen, Vice President –– Blackburn, Secretary -- St Onge, Treasurer – Jackson. The slate was seconded and approved unanimously.

2010 Meeting Schedule

Proposed: 27 July (Leadership Conf.), 12 October (Air Force Game), 7 December (Navy Game) and 25 January 2011 (Annual Planning Mtg.) as tentative dates for our meetings. The 27 Jul meeting will be held at Young’s office during lunch time.

Old/New Business

There was no old or new business reported.

Meeting Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 1300.

Chuck Jones ‘68