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West Point Society of Denver Board of Directors Meeting 1130 - 1300, 27 July, 2010

West Point Society of Denver
Board of Directors Meeting
1130 - 1300, 27 July, 2010
Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP
1400 Wewatta Street, Suite 600, Denver, CO  80202

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1137 by Thiessen.

Roll Call

 Lou Schroeder ’59, Chuck Jones ’68, Robby Robinson ’68, Sam Thiessen ’73, Dave Jackson ’73, Steve Best ’76, Bob Walcott ’78, John Greiman ’81, Amy Efaw ’89, Dan Young ’94, Mark Frank ’00, Jonnie Karpuk ’01, and Joel Martin ’02.  A quorum was present.


Review Minutes

Draft minutes of 18 May 2010 were reviewed.  Jones has received several edits for typos. He will insert these into the final minutes. A motion to approve was submitted and seconded.  These were approved with unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report

Dave Jackson reported that the transfer from Bridge had gone very well. Jackson was able to get us out of two service fees we were paying, saving $12.00 a month. We have two designated signatories, Jackson and Jones, for the accounts.
Jackson asked if there was a need for him to be bonded.  The Board agreed that, at our level of funds, it was unnecessary.
We have $xxxxx in the various accounts, including $yyyyy in a money market account.  The money market is currently less than 0.1%.  After discussion, Jackson was asked to meet with Joel Martin and anyone else that desired to be on a small committee to recommend better investments for the society’s funds.  Jackson will make a recommendation to the Board at the next meeting.
Bridge spoke to Thiessen and addressed his Board position.  He concluded that it would be very difficult for him to be an effective Board member from Arizona. The Board agreed and moved that his position be terminated.  The Board expressed great appreciation for the many years of strong service from Bridge.


Joel Martin announced that this year’s Tri-Service Academy Golf tournament was held on Friday June 18.  The Joel Martin/Bill Sumner/Matt White/Pete Mangold foursome scored 19 under par, besting all others by over 7 strokes, and winning again for ARMY!!!! Martin stated that he had not taken the trophy to the event and was chastised by some for his hubris. Martin will write up an article for the newsletter, which we will also submit to AOG.  Army will be the host for next year’s tournament.  Martin will work with the AFA to get a Friday morning tee time for the tourney and organize the rest of the tourney.



Jackson reported that we have 914 total members in our area, 190 paid members, 48 life members, 50 honorary members, 22 associate members and 13 liaison members.  Jackson reported that he is sending postcards to new members, telling them of the society, our web site, and inviting them to join us in our activities.


Greiman reported that he is working on updating the website.  Greiman will head a committee of himself, Mark Frank, and Alec Lee and make a report at the next board meeting for a way ahead.



Walcott reported that 21 Colorado candidates for the upcoming class reported for R-Day.  19 candidates have accepted and 1-2 more offers are pending. The new Class will have 1400 candidates entering.  The Cadet Send Off at Wings over the Rockies was a hit.  Amy Efaw represented the Society, as her daughter is one of the new candidates.

WP Parents Club

Walcott reported that the Parents Club met to address Surviving Beast with 6 families in attendance.  There will be an All Colorado Picnic on 14 August at the South Dock for Acceptance day weekend.  Thiessen stated that he would be there for the Leadership Conference and planned to attend.  Army is hosting the All Academy Ball this year.  It is scheduled for the last Monday in Dec, 27 Dec.


Army Air Force game

This will be televised in 2010, and we will have a gathering to watch Army defeat Air Force in November. Karpuk volunteered to help Schroeder find a venue and set up the Air Force viewing.  They will coordinate with Air Force to invite their attendance.


Army Navy game

Schroeder reported that Cool River has been reserved for this year’s game.  We anticipate that Navy will have to worry about 2011.

Classes/Societies Leadership Conference

Thiessen reported that he plans to attend and plans to stay with Jerry Miller for the 8-10 Aug conference.

Quarterly Luncheons/Dinners

Bob Moscatelli was the Deputy Commandant of Cadets when women were admitted to the Academy.  He will give a presentation on those times on 14 September 2010.
Rich Adams ’67 has contacted Thiessen and stated that he and Tom Petrie ’67 are planning a book signing and art exhibit sometime in the September/October time frame. 

Letters to Congressional Delegations

Thiessen reported that these have been sent out soon for the upcoming class of candidates, noting that Bruce Miller be coordinating with the Congressional staffers for attendees. 


By Laws Committees

Schroeder reported that the ByLaws Committee was moving, but slowly. Bob Berry, Hon. 69 will serve as counsel. He thought there would be more action after the elections were completed.

Fall Newsletter

Martin will be sending out the newsletter by early September.  Anyone wishing to include an article for the newsletter needs to send their information to Martin NLT Tuesday 31 August. 

Committee memberships

Thiessen reviewed the committee membership and updated them. A complete list is attached.  If you desire to participate on any committee, please contact Thiessen.

2010 Meeting Schedule

Proposed: 12 October (Air Force Game), 7 December (Navy Game) and 25 January 2011 (Annual Planning Mtg.) as tentative dates for our meetings.  The 12 Oct meeting will also be held at Young’s office during lunch time.  The Board thanked Dan for being an excellent host again!

Old/New Business

Thiessen plans to meet with Shambach and Mike Boatner, the incoming Pikes Peak President. Schedules have not worked yet.  It is likely this meeting will occur during the Leaders Conference at West Point, which Mike Boatner, WPSPPR Vice Presidient, will attend.
Thiessen addressed Founder’s Day.  It was the sentiment of the Board that the University Club was an excellent venue and should be examined again for next year. The Commandant, BG Rapp, has a sister in Lakewood, and his parents are in Dumont. He would be an excellent speaker for Founder’s Day.  Thiessen will work with Hicklin to see if his father could put in a good word for us for next year’s Founder’s Day.
There is an event for BG Robin Olds at the Wings over the Rockies. It is scheduled for 20 August.
There will be an excellent film, Restrepo, at Chez Artiste on Friday 6 August about the war in Afghanistan. Karpuk was a member of the 173d ABN BDE out of Vicenza, Italy.  The brigade is a very small, close knit, and somewhat prestigious brigade. Karpuk has heard is that it's an extremely well put together film that shows life as a combat soldier as it really is. 

Meeting Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 1302.

Chuck Jones ‘68

Board of Directors
West Point Society of Denver

Term Expirations after March 6, 2010 Founders Day Election

Serve To 2011                       Serve To 2012                        Serve To 2013

Lou Schroeder ’59     Lindy Blackburn ’69   Sam Thiessen ‘73
Bruce Miller ‘63         Dave Jackson ’73        John Greiman ‘81
Robby Robinson ’68  Steve Best ’76              Amy Efaw ‘89
Chris Petty ‘87                       Bob Walcott ’78          Mike Lewis ‘90
Joel Martin ’02           Mary St. Onge ’02       Dan Young ‘94           

Chuck Jones ’68 Ex-Officio Immediate Past President
President                                  Sam Thiessen              
Vice President                          Lindy Blackburn                                 
Treasurer                                 Dave Jackson
Scribe/Secretary                                   Mary St. Onge                         

Communications Website       Jackson/Greiman/Petty
Newsletter                               Martin/Young                                    
Admissions                              Walcott/Miller/Efaw/Karpuk                           
            Programs                                  Blackburn/Robinson/Schroeder/Jones                        
Career Assistance                    Jones/Blackburn/Robinson/Jackson/Burke/Karpuk    
Assembly Input                                   Jones/Martin
Membership                            Jackson/Miller/Young/Greiman                                             
Nominations                            Thiessen/ Miller/Blackburn/Young


AF                                          Schroeder                               
Navy                                      Schroeder                               
Parents                                   Walcott

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