Thursday, August 12, 2010

Board of Directors Meeting - Jan 26, 2010

1830 - 2045, 26 January, 2010

Heather Ridge Country Club

13521 East Iliff Avenue Aurora, CO 80014

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1837 by Thiessen.

Roll Call

Tom Hicklin ’57, Lou Schroeder ’59, Bruce Miller ’63, Lindy Blackburn ’69, Sam Thiessen ’73, Dave Jackson ’73, Steve Best ’76, Bob Walcott ’78, John Greiman ’81, Chris Petty ’87, Mike Lewis ’90, Dan Young ’94, Joel Martin ’02, and Mary St. Onge ‘02. A quorum was present.

Review Minutes

Minutes of 10 December 2009 were reviewed. A motion to approve was submitted by Schroeder with Walcott second. These were approved with unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report

Bridge emailed in the Treasurer’s report since he could not be physically present at the meeting His treasury report follows:

“I was audited by Chuck Jones in December and think he passed me to continue.

The budget, I will report at the next meeting the Year end results and the budget. But, if anyone is concerned not much has changed in the last 8 years. As coop would say we got a about 5k....As Jay would say we got about 20k.”

Jones reported the following via email:

“Jay correctly points out that I did review the financial records for 2008 and 2009 and found them to be in good shape. I did not do a formal audit of them, but compared the checking account records to the receipts, invoices, and deposits. The records appear to be consistent with the Treasurer's reports for the past two years.

Jay is going to talk to the bank about a some times monthly service fee to see if it can be waived entirely.”


Jackson reported that we have 925 total members in our area, 179 paid members, 50 life members, and 51 honorary members. There was a long discussion about the AOG member data base, the member data base, and the WPSD member data base. Jackson is in the process of combining and consolidating the AOG, and the WPSD data bases and resolving any conflicts. This has been a huge task and many thanks go to Dave for undertaking this task.


Walcott reported that all nomination slates for the upcoming class have been completed. As of this report 5 candidates have accepted and 5 more offers are pending.

WP Parents Club

Walcott reported that the All Academy Ball was 28 Dec, 2009 at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs and was a great event.

Army Navy game

Disregarding the final score of Army 3 – Navy 17, this was a great event. Unfortunately, we get to host it AGAIN next year on December 11th and the same venue has been reserved.

Founder’s Day

Young reported that the planning is nearly done and everyone is anticipating the event this year. The map, directions, payment option and menu is on the website. The guest speaker is MG David G. Perkins who is Commanding General of the 4th Infantry Division & Ft Carson. Bridge reported via email that he can do the program and supplies but that he will need help with gifts and flags. He is also taking the RSVP’s as they come in.

Tri Service Golf Outing

Martin reported that Air Force is the sponsor for the event this year and no date has been set yet. We are looking forward to another championship in this event!

Summer Leadership Seminar

Blackburn reported that we gave out 2 scholarships last year for this very important function. The application process for this upcoming summer is open now. Schroeder motioned that the board approve one scholarship for this year and Walcott seconded the motion. This was unanimously approved by the board.

Classes/Societies Leadership Conference

Thiessen reported that this is a great program and we have been invited to West Point to participate by the AOG.

Pike’s Peak Liaison

Thiessen said that there are plans to meet with the Pike’s Peak chapter each year.

Air Force Game

This will be televised in 2010 and we will have a gathering to watch Army defeat Air Force in November.

Quarterly Luncheons

The next one will be on 27 April 2010.

Letters to Congressional Delegations

Thiessen reported that these had been sent out in May for the upcoming class of candidates and that we have gotten a good response from most of the officials.


Thiessen asked to set up a new committee to review the bylaws to ensure that they are complete and that all changes during board meetings have been incorporated. Schroeder volunteered to chair this committee with Lewis, St. Onge, Blackburn, Jones, and Best as members.

Thiessen also wanted to change the communication committee. Jackson volunteered to chair this with Greiman as a member. Previous member Petty is removed from the committee since he is tied up in his duties with the CO National Guard.

Past President’s Meeting

Thiessen reported this meeting was held 9 January 2010 and he will be sending out minutes.

New Initiatives

Best reported that he is still working on an award process for Eagle Scouts and Gold Award Girl Scouts to help increase visibility of our society.

Winter Newsletter

Martin will be sending out the newsletter on 2 Feb 2010. Anyone wishing to include an article for the newsletter needs to send their information to Martin NLT Monday 1 Feb. Petty volunteered to add an article from his War College studies for a new “Strategy Corner”.

Nominating Committee for Board Members

Robinson, Jones, and Schroeder are the nominating committee for board members and will nominate 4-5 more members during this Founder’s Day. Officers will be set on the first meeting after Founder’s Day. There was a motion from Miller to make Jim Harrington the 3rd Board Member Emeritus which was seconded by Blackburn. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

2010 Meeting Schedule

Proposed: 23 February (FD), 11 May (SLS/Plebe--/Parent), 27 July (Leadership Conf.), 12 October (Air Force Game), 7 December (Navy Game) and 25 January 2011 (Annual Planning Mtg.) as tentative dates for our meetings. The 23 Feb meeting will be held at Schroeder’s office during lunch time.

Old/New Business

There was no old or new business reported.

Meeting Adjourn

Schroeder motioned to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Walcott. After a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned at 2045.