Friday, May 8, 2020

Annual Planning Meeting: Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Piccolo’s Restaurant, 3563 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80237

1.       Call to order – Brian MacDonald at 7:00 PM
a.       Twelve voting board members in attendance, making a quorum.
b.       Board members attending:
Steve Best           Lindy Blackburn                 Dave Jackson                     Brian MacDonald
Chad Dalton       Andy Benson                     Joel Martin                          Kevin Miller
Lou Schroeder   Tim Griesmer                    Mike Euperio                     Cory Wroblewski
Bob Walcott (ex officio)

2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of Minutes – Tim Griesmer
a.       Minutes from October 1, 2019 board meeting were approved 12-0.
b.       Minutes from the December 3, 2019 board meeting were approved 12-0.

3.       Treasurer’s Report – Brian MacDonald
a.       Treasurer’s report from October 1, 2019 was approved 12-0.
b.       Treasurer’s report from December 3, 2019 was approved 12-0.

4.       Proposed 2020 Society Budget – Brian MacDonald
a.       Brian MacDonald reviewed the proposed budget for 2020.
b.       Due to price increases at the University Club, Founder’s Day has lost some money for the past two years. The Board discussed options for preventing any loss in future years. One idea discussed was creating a head table that can be sponsored.
c.       Andy Benson suggested creating a position on the board for a fundraising officer in order to focus on creating a fundraising base and long-term plan.
d.       Another idea discussed was to consider an increase in Society dues. After discussion, there was a motion to increase dues to $50 per year, $125 for three years, and $500 for a lifetime membership. The increase for lifetime dues becomes effective on April 2, 2020 so that there is still an opportunity to encourage people to purchase a lifetime membership at the current rate. The motion was approved 12-0.
e.       Brian MacDonald will make changes to the budget based on the dues increase and other items discussed. The final budget will be voted on at the February board meeting.

5.       2020 Meeting Dates – The 2020 meeting dates are:
a.       Feb. 19, 2020-Piccolo’s Restaurant, Board of Directors Meeting
b.       March 7, 2020-University Club, Founder’s Day/General Membership Meeting
c.       May 6, 2020- Piccolo’s Restaurant, Board of Directors Meeting
d.       July 15, 2020- Piccolo’s Restaurant, Board of Directors Meeting
e.       Oct. 7, 2020- Piccolo’s Restaurant, Board of Directors Meeting
f.        Dec. 2, 2020- Piccolo’s Restaurant, Board of Directors Meeting
g.       Jan. 26, 2021- Piccolo’s Restaurant, Annual Planning Meeting

6.       Nominating Committee for Board Members– Bob Walcott
a.       Mark Frank decided not to seek another term on the board in 2020. BG(R) Chris Petty was discussed as a replacement for him. An email will be sent out asking if there are any other Society members interested in serving.

7.       2020 Programs and Events
a.       Friend of WP Submission-Lindy Blackburn completed and submitted the FOWP application for GEN(R) Casey for his role in the Leadership and Ethics Seminar. The Board will plan an event to present the award.
b.       Distinguished Society Award-Tim Griesmer will be responsible for submitting the 2020 DSA application. The application is due June 1, 2020.
c.       Admission-Kevin Miller updated the board on admissions efforts. He is working with MAJ Hill and the Field Force. There are currently 377 applicants and one offer of admission. The current budget request is adequate for the year. Kevin Miller is going to work with the regional commander to plan a visit to the area, possibly during the Leadership and Ethics Seminar.
d.       Parents’ Club-the Board needs a member to take over as liaison to the Parents’ Club. Joel Martin will touch base with the Parents’ Club to get an update from them.
e.       Founder’s Day Committee-Andy Benson updated the Board on planning for Founder’s Day.
                                                               i.      He requested any items to be used as possible door prizes.
                                                             ii.      Speaker: LTG Hooper will not be able to attend as the speaker this year. The board discussed several other options for guest speakers as well as the possibility of not having a speaker. Joel Martin also submitted a request to Space Force for a guest speaker.
f.        The Leadership and Ethics Seminar will be held on April 9. There are approximately 50 RSVPs so far.
g.       Summer Picnic-a new board member will need to take over planning of the summer picnic. The date is TBD.
h.       The Tri-Service Golf Tournament will be held August 21 at 8:00am.
i.         Rockies Games-Sunday, June 14 (Rockies v. Pirates) and Sunday, Aug. 23 (Rockies v. Dodgers)
j.         Army-Air Force watch party- Nov. 7. Location TBD.
k.       Army-Navy watch party- Dec. 12. Location TBD.
l.         Young Grad Engagement-spring and fall events are in the planning stages.
The next board meeting will be held February 19, 2020 at 11:30 AM, at Piccolo’s Restaurant, 3563 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80237
The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM.
Submitted by: Tim Griesmer, ’02
Attachment: Treasurer’s Report

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