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Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 1130-1300
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver, CO 80222

1.       Call to order – Brian MacDonald at 11:30 AM
a.       Eight voting board members were in attendance. A quorum was not present.
b.       Board members attending:
Dave Jackson          Tim Griesmer          Diana Gamboa                    Brian MacDonald
Sam Thiessen         Joel Martin              Lindy Blackburn                  Kevin Miller              
Guest: Guy Higgins, USNA

2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of Minutes – Tim Griesmer
a.       Minutes from October 1, 2019 board of directors meeting were discussed.
b.       The eight board members present voted to approve the minutes. An email will be sent out at a later date to achieve a quorum of “yes” votes.

3.       Treasurer’s Report – Brian MacDonald
a.       The treasurer’s report was discussed.
b.       The society has $23,819 in total funds. Of note, the end of the year balance has been on a generally upward trend since 2011.
c.       The eight board members present voted to approve the treasurer’s report. An email will be sent out at a later date to achieve a quorum of “yes” votes.

4.       Draft Budget Presentation – Brian MacDonald
a.       The draft budget was presented to the board.
b.       The society will split the cost of hosting LTG Hooper as the Founder’s Day speaker with the Pike’s Peak chapter.
c.       The final budget should also include $200 to support the All Academy Ball.

5.       Membership Update – Diana Gamboa
a.       There will be a membership drive at both the Army-Navy watch party and Founder’s Day to try to get members to renew their membership as well as sign up new members.
b.       The proposal includes a free drink ticket to members who sign up at the Army-Navy watch party.
c.       There was a motion for $100 to fund the free drink tickets. The eight board members present voted to approve the treasurer’s report. An email will be sent out at a later date to achieve a quorum of “yes” votes.

6.       Admissions Update – Kevin Miller
a.       The current report was shown to the board.
                                                               i.      360 total applicants for the year, an increase from previous years
                                                             ii.      11 candidates have received an LOA
b.       The diversity officer visited the society’s area in November.
c.       Kevin Miller is developing a 3-5 year plan for admissions.

7.       Website – Brian MacDonald
a.       There will be a conference call set up to discuss the path forward for integrating the society website with Sallyport.
b.       The suggested participants for the call are Joel Martin, Dave Jackson, Brian MacDonald, Diana Gamboa, and Andy Benson.

8.       Events – Brian MacDonald
a.       There was a joint services happy hour held on Oct. 16. There will be more held in the future.
b.       The Army-Navy watch parties will be held on Dec. 14.
c.       Founder’s Day will be held on March 7, 2020. Dave Jackson reminded the board that the order needs to be placed in January for supplies such as napkins, placemats, and programs. The approval for LTG Hooper to be the guest speaker is still pending.
d.       The Leadership and Ethics Seminar will be held on April 9, 2020. Joel Martin is reaching out to schools and interested candidates and is hoping to double the attendance from last year. The society will nominate GEN(R) Casey as a Friend of West Point for his support of the seminar. Lindy Blackburn will complete the application.

9.       2020 Meeting Dates – Brian MacDonald
a.       The Annual Planning Meeting will be held at Piccolo’s on January 28, 2020.
b.       The meeting dates for 2020 are: February 19, May 6, July 8, October 7, and December 2.
c.       The 2020 meetings will be held at American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue

10.   New Business
a.       Academy BizNet needs new leadership in order to continue meeting. The society will send out information about BizNet to see if any society members are interested in taking over its leadership.

The annual planning meeting will be held January 28, 2020 at 7:00PM, at Piccolo’s Restaurant, 3563 S. Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80237.

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 PM.
Submitted by: Tim Griesmer, ’02

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