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MINUTES OF MEETING – October 6, 2015

Board of Directors Meeting 
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, October 6, 2015 
American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222 

1.Call to order – Bob Walcott – 13 in attendance 
a. Griesmer was designated to keep minutes due to the absence of the Secretary 
b. Mike Euperio ’03 attended as a guest and prospective board member 

2. Approval of minutes – Griesmer; minutes from July 7th approved 

3. Treasurer’s Report – Jackson; approved 
a. Jackson requested a copy of the minutes from the May 5th and July 7th meetings to post to the society’s blog. 
b. Total membership in the WPSD increased by 6. 
c. All college fairs that the society is participating in have been paid for. 

4. Admissions Update – Carroll 
a. 140 files opened for the Class of 2020, 114 are still active including 3 letters of assurance, pending completion of file and nomination 
b. College fairs- All costs are covered. 
c. Carroll requested that the society make an appeal to get more members involved in the field force. He will draft a request. 
d. Congressional nomination boards will begin meeting in October. 

5. Quarterly Meeting-Walcott (on behalf of MacDonald)  No update. Walcott will solicit more ideas for speakers. 

6. Picnic AAR-Frank 
a. 40 attendees (26 adults, 14 children) 
b. The event earned approximately $60 
c. Overall success with better attendance then last year. 

7. Golf Tournament AAR-Martin (on behalf of Dalton) 
a. Participation was down from last year (only 4 or 5 participants from Army) 
b. We should work to control our own foursomes next year and the registration should come directly to Dalton. 
 c. Navy will run the event next year. 

8. Exchange Cadet Affirmation Ceremony-Walcott 
a. Robinson and Walcott attended on behalf of the WPSD. Ceremony was organized by the Pikes Peak chapter 
b. 7 members of the Class of 2017 and 5 members of the 50 year class were involved 

9. Distinguished Society Application-Walcott (on behalf of Robinson) 
a. Draft of the 2016 application is already in progress. The board will continue with the application at the next meeting. 
b. Nominations were opened for distinguished graduate-none offered 
c. Nominations for regional member of the alumni board are closed. There will be another position open next year for the western region. 
d. Jackson volunteered to send news back to the AOG of what activities the WPSD has participated in. 

10. AOG Leadership Conference-Walcott 
a. 150 attendees 
b. Walcott reviewed highlights from the conference. AOG’s financial health is good. 
c. Walcott reviewed Superintendent’s strategic plan. 
d. WPSD received its distinguished society banner and certificate as well as a 20 year award. 
e. Open question-how should the society pay for the trip next year? 

11. Founder’s Day Update-Walcott 
a. The WPSD submitted a request in coordination with the Pike’s Peak chapter to have the Dean speak at both dinners 
b. University club has been reserved 

12. Parents’ Club Update-Walcott 
a. WPSD was represented at the summer event 
b. “Surviving graduation” meeting for new firsties will be held this month c. There is still a request for funding from WPSD for the All Academy Ball. Decision was tabled until the December 1 board meeting. 

13. New Business 
a. Army-Air Force football game-Nov. 7; Pike’s Peak Society set up a tailgate; there are still tickets available 
b. Army-Navy football game-Dec. 12; WPSD will host one watch party in Denver rather than three events that were hosted last year. Griesmer will ask Jason Connor if he is willing to plan the event. Next Meeting December 1 @ 1130 Submitted by : Tim Griesmer, ’02

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