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MINUTES OF MEETING –January 27, 2016

Board of Directors Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Wednesday, January 27, 2016
Piccolo’s, 3563 S. Monaco Parkway, Denver, CO 80237

1.       Call to order – Bob Walcott at 7:00 PM
a.       Ten Board Members in attendance, making a quorum. 
b.       Tim Griesmer was designated to keep minutes due to the absence of the Secretary.

2.       Approval of minutes - Thiessen
a.        Minutes from December 1th meeting were approved. 

3.       Treasurer’s Report –Jackson
a.       The Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and approved.
b.       Total number of paid members of the WPSD is down by 4.
c.       Website: Dave Jackson reviewed analytics from the Society’s website and Facebook page. Generally, these mediums reach about 60 people.

4.       Budget- Jackson
a.       The current 2016 budget projects a shortfall of $1,947.00
b.       Board members discussed the budget and possible ways of closing the deficit
                                                               i.      Bob Walcott is hopeful that the Society will increase its dues collections because of the differential in prices for members and non-members for Founder’s Day.
                                                             ii.      A proposal was made to scrub the list of Founder’s Day attendees to determine if any non-dues paying attendees accidently signed up under the rate for dues paying members. The Society could potentially reach out to these individuals and ask them to pay membership dues.
                                                           iii.      A proposal was made to ask individual Society members to personally sponsor cadet candidates.
                                                           iv.      Bob Walcott would like to reevaluate the budget after Founder’s Day to see if the projected deficit is at all reduced. He also wants to review the list of individual donors to the Society.
                                                             v.      A proposal was made to raise the price of tickets to sporting events and the summer picnic by $5 to help close the deficit.
                                                           vi.      A proposal was made to send out an invoice for members whose dues will soon expire telling them it’s time to renew their membership. The Board discussed whether an e-mail or physical mail would be better. Generally, the Board agreed an e-mail would be cheaper and more effective. It was pointed out that for the future, December would be a good time to send the electronic invoice.
                                                          vii.      A proposal was made to consider conducting a silent auction at the 2017 Founder’s Day dinner and at future quarterly meetings.
                                                        viii.      A proposal was made to send a Society member to the Athena Conference in encourage membership among female graduates. Bob Walcott will announce the Athena Conference at Founder’s Day.
                                                            ix.      A motion was approved to approve the current budget with a provisional deficit that will be reevaluated after Founder’s Day.
                                                             x.      A second motion was approved to send an e-mail to all non-dues paying members after Founder’s Day informing them it is time to renew their dues.  It was further suggested that the email should be segmented by class and signed by a Society member who is close in age to the year groups on each e-mail list.

5.       Admissions Update – Walcott
a.       Tom Carroll is content with the budget for college fairs.

6.       Parents Club –Walcott
a.       The sendoff event will take place in June. A request was put out for a member of the Class of 1970 to represent the 50 year class.
b.       AFA Parent’s Club will host the All Academy Ball.

7.       Founders Day – Walcott
a.       The Dean is confirmed as the speaker.
b.       Brian MacDonald will organize classmates for the Benny Haven’s Hour.
c.       Pricing for the venue is the same as last year.
d.       Assuming 180 attendees, there will be row seating again. If the RSVP list approaches capacity an e-mail will be sent out.
e.       Toasts will be discussed at the February meeting.
f.        Programs and names tags are being produced.
g.       Lindy Blackburn will procure flags for the event (USA, Colorado, BG, and Army)
h.       Youngest and oldest graduates will be discussed at the February meeting.
i.         Two more e-mail notifications will go out.
j.         A proposal was made that the class with the highest donations should get reserved seating near the head table.
k.       The Society still needs a gift for the speaker.
l.         Tom Carroll & Amy Efaw will take care of candidate invites.

8.       Golf Tournament – Dalton
a.       August 1, 2016 at 8:00
b.       Navy will run the event.
c.       Shotgun start with same rules as last year.
d.       The WPSD will collect money from participating Society members and write one check for the event. The Society will also organize its own foursomes.
e.       The event will be advertised on Facebook.
f.        Chad Dalton will discuss security at AFA with the Academy to expedite entry.

9.       Distinguish Society Award Application – Robinson
a.       Robby will be leaving the Board at the end of his current term but will complete the current award application.
b.       Tim Griesmer will be responsible for future Distinguished Society Award applications.

10.   Society Picnic – Frank
a.       Mark Frank will run the picnic again this year.
b.       The picnic will likely occur sometime in June. Mark Frank will have a plan in place for the May meeting.

11.   Sporting Events – MacDonald
a.       One Avs game will be added to the calendar-TBD.
b.       April 2-Denver Nuggets
c.       June 12, July 23, August 21-Rockies games

12.   Summer Leadership Seminar – Walcott
a.       No updates

13.   Annual Leadership Conference – Walcott
a.       Bob Walcott and Brian MacDonald will attend.
b.       Second week of August.

14.   Pike’s Peak Society Liaison – Walcott
a.       Stover James continues as President of Pikes Peak and is doing a great job.

15.   Army-Air Force Game – Walcott
a.       Jason Connor agreed to organize a viewing party for the 2016 Army-Air Force game.

16.   Army-Navy Game – Walcott
a.       Jason Connor agreed to organize a viewing party for the 2016 Army-Navy Force game.

17.   Quarterly Meeting Program –Walcott
a.       Congressman Coffman agreed to speak at the next Quarterly Meeting. Lindy Blackburn will arrange the schedule with Congressman Coffman’s staff.
b.       The meeting will likely take place in April 2016.
c.       Lindy Blackburn will look into possible venues.
d.       A motion was approved to nominate Congressman Coffman as a Friend of West Point.
e.       Mark Frank will attempt to contact Tony Coaxum (an assistant coach with Broncos) as the next Quarterly Meeting speaker.
f.        Other possible speakers discussed; Tom Pietre, Jim Knowlton, George Brauchler, Chris Herndon

18.   New Initiatives –Walcott
a.       There was a brief discussion about organizing a Leadership & Ethics Academy for high school students. This will require a major fundraising and organizational effort. The discussion was tabled until a later date.

19.   Nominating Committee –Blackburn
a.       There will be two vacancies on the Board for Founder’s Day.
b.       Lindy Blackburn will confirm if other Board members with terms expiring in 2016 intend to stay.

20.   2016 Meeting Schedule- Walcott
a.       February 23, 2016- American Legion Post 1
b.       May 3, 2016- American Legion Post 1
c.       July 12, 2016- American Legion Post 1
d.       October 4, 2016- American Legion Post 1
e.       December 6, 2016- American Legion Post 1
f.        January 25, 2016 (subject to change)-TBD
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Submitted by : Tim Griesmer, ’02

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