Monday, November 25, 2013

West Point Society of Denver Directors Meeting July 9, 2013

Meeting called to order at 11:35 by Lindy Blackburn.

Lou Schroeder ’59, Robby Robinson ’68, Chuck Jones ’68, Lindy Blackburn ’69, Sam Thiessen ’73,
Dave Jackson ’73, Bob Walcott ’78, Brian MacDonald ‘83, Ed Hlopak ‘89, Amy Efaw ’89, Lynn
Streich ‘00, Brad Streich ’00, Joel Martin ’02, Tim Griesmer ’02, Mary St. Onge ’02, . A quorum was

Secretary’s Report

Board approved minutes from May 7, 2013 board meeting provided by Chuck Jones.

Treasurer’s Report

Board approved treasurer’s report from May 7, 2013 board meeting provided by Dave Jackson.

Membership Committee Initiatives

Tickets are still available for the Rockies/Reds game on August 31, 2013. Point of contact is Brian

MacDonald. Committee is marketing this event through word of mouth and email.

The board approved changes to the by laws, which are as follows:

See By-Laws at website, click here

Founders Day
Board members discussed future Founders Day speakers and decided it would be a good precedent
for the board to find speakers as a society rather than work through the West Point AOG. Board will
begin brainstorming possible speakers.

The meeting was adjourned at 13:05.

Mary St. Onge ‘02

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