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West Point Society of Denver May 7, 2013 Board Minutes

West Point Society of Denver
1130-1400, May 7, 2013
1400 Wewetta St, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1138 by Lindy Blackburn.

Roll Call

Chuck Jones ’68, Lindy Blackburn ’69, Sam Thiessen ’73, Dave Jackson ’73, Bob Walcott ’78, Brian MacDonald ‘83, Ed Hlopak ‘89, Amy Efaw ’89, Dan Young ’94, Tim Griesmer ’02, and Joel Martin ‘02.  A quorum was present. 

Secretary’s Report

Minutes of the previous meeting were not available for review.

Treasurer’s Report

Board approved Dave Jackson’s treasurer report.   We made $57.00 profit at Founder’s Day.


The Veterans Passport to Hope conducted a seminar recently.  In addition, they are producing a pamphlet on Colorado charities for assisting veterans.  They will conduct a golf tourney on July 22 to raise money.

Membership Committee

Ed Hlopak and Joel Martin reported on their results. They distributed a three page summary of their results. They plan to conduct a Leadership seminar for businesses in the near future.  Also they will conduct a survey of members to see how we can assist the greater membership.

Tri-Service Golf Tourney
Joel Martin reported that the Tourney is scheduled for June 21 in the morning.  Al Blumberg is the POC for Air Force.  We need to get information out on registration.  There will be a AUSA tourney the week before the Tri-Service as well.

Summer Picnic
Mark Frank was not present but reported through Lindy that it will be held in August with a similar format to last years.

By Laws
The By Laws Committee has been reviewing the by Laws and will report back at the next meeting with a set of recommended revisions.  Dave Jackson reported that the By Laws state that we need minutes of the Founder’s Day formal meeting.  This will be helpful to memorialize the election of Directors.

Election of Officers
Sam Thiessen proposed a slate of new officers for consideration for this year.  They include
        President Lindy Blackburn
        Vice President Bob Walcott
        Vice President for Admissions Tom Carroll
        Treasurer Dave Jackson
        Secretary/Scribe Mary St. Onge
The slate was unanimously elected.

Amy Efaw reported that 24 candidates had been accepted with 3 more offers still out.  There were 4 candidates for the one Summer Leadership Seminar session.

Academy Day
Joel Martin was the Master of Ceremonies for the session, held in Aurora.  Over 450 candidates and parents attended.

Parent’s Club

The Colorado WP Parent’s Club elected new leadership for next year.  They are Deb and Mick Venrick. Send Off will take place June 9, 2013.

Quarterly Luncheon
There was no report.  Next event will be in the fall.

Leadership Conference
Bob Walcott will be attending this year.

Distinguished Society Update
Robby Robinson ’68 is currently collecting information for the Distinguished Society application.  He reported to Lindy that the criteria are changing and would provide more details when they were available.

Army Air Force Football
Air Force tickets will be obtained individually again this year.  

Army Navy
The Board discussed the format and concluded by majority opinion that we prefer to have the event at one or more sports bars and to order off the menu, instead of having a buffet at half time.  We need a volunteer to set this event up. 

Founder’s Day Speaker

Lindy reported that MG Paul LaCamara ’85 is the new CG of Fort Carson. Unfortunately the division will be deployed in March of 2014.  We are looking for another local general officer to present at Founder’s Day, because of budget cuts and the uncertainty of getting a West Point speaker.


New Business

There was no new business.

Next Meeting
The next WPSD meeting will be held July 9, 2013.

Meeting Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 1300.

Chuck Jones ‘68

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