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Board of Directors Meeting: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting
MINUTES OF MEETING – Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Piccolo’s Restaurant, 3563 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80237

1.       Call to order – Brian MacDonald at 7:00 PM
a.       Twelve board members in attendance, making a quorum.
b.       Board members attending:
Steve Best           Lindy Blackburn                 Dave Jackson                     Brian MacDonald
Tom Carroll         Chad Dalton                       Andy Benson                     Bob Walcott
Lou Schroeder   Tim Griesmer                    Mike Euperio                     Cory Wroblewski

2.       Secretary’s Report/Approval of Minutes – Tim Griesmer
a.       Minutes from December 5, 2017 board meeting were approved.

3.       Treasurer’s Report/Membership Update – Dave Jackson
a.       Dave Jackson reviewed the 2017 budget. After accounting for all expenses, the Society ended the year with a net gain of $1,541.
b.       Dave Jackson presented the proposed budget for 2018.
Note: with the amendments made to the proposed budget, listed throughout these minutes, the approved 2018 budget projects a loss of $250.
                                                               i.      One potential expense not included in the budget is the Leadership Seminar, which will require fundraising to sponsor. The board discussed the need for a more detailed plan for the seminar to better estimate expenses and to plan the necessary fundraising initiatives.
                                                             ii.      Current fundraising ideas including Amazon smile, a USMA license plate, and grocery store donation programs will each require a program manager.
c.       Tim Griesmer will conduct the 2017 financial review prior to the next board meeting.
d.       The board will begin searching for a candidate to replace Dave Jackson as treasurer. The candidate does not need to be a board member.
e.       Membership update: 1,050 graduates in the area with approximately 100 paid members and approximately 50 lifetime members.

4.       2018 Board Meeting Dates – MacDonald: the following meeting dates were agreed to by the board.
a.       February 20, 2018-American Legion Post 1
b.       May 1, 2018-American Legion Post 1
c.       July 10, 2018-American Legion Post 1
d.       October 2, 2018-American Legion Post 1
e.       December 4, 2018-American Legion Post 1
f.        January 29, 2019-Piccolo’s Restaurant (annual planning meeting)

5.       Nominating Committee for Board Members– Bob Walcott
a.       Five current board members will stand for election to another term at Founder’s Day on March 3: Cory Wroblewski, Dave Jackson, Steve Best, Brian MacDonald, Andy Benson
b.       The board is seeking to fill one vacancy. An appeal to any interested nominee will be sent out with the next Founder’s Day reminder.
c.       Cory Wroblewski also offered to ask for any interest at the young grad happy hour scheduled for February 1.

6.       2018 Programs and Events
a.       Distinguished Society – Tim Griesmer: the application for the 2017-2018 Distinguished Society award was just published by AOG. It is due no later than June 30, 2018. Tim Griesmer will prepare an initial draft and distribute prior to the Feb. 20 board meeting.
b.       Summer Leadership Experience -Tom Carroll: The 2018 budget includes one scholarship for an SLE attendee to pay for the tuition cost. Tom suggested that the board sponsor an essay contest for accepted candidates to award the scholarship.
c.       Annual Leadership Conference- Brian MacDoanld: typically, the board will send one individual to the conference-the board president during the first two years of their term and the vice president during the last year of the president’s term.
                                                               i.      There was a motion to send two representatives designated by the president at a cost of no more than $1,000 each. The motion passed 12-0.
d.       Young Grad Engagement- Mike Euperio and Cory Wroblewski: the society will sponsor a young graduate happy hour on Feb. 1; there are currently 15 RSVPs. Planning is underway for more events. Events under consideration are a group bike ride, sporting events, a picnic, or coordinating a joint event with another group, such as Team Rubicon.
                                                               i.      There was a motion to approve $100 for the young grad happy hour to subsidize and encourage attendance. The motion was approved 12-0.
e.       Quarterly Dinners – Brian MacDonald for Joel Martin: dates have not yet been set for 2018 quarterly dinners. The board discussed the possibility of holding the first dinner in April.
f.        Admissions Update – Tom Carroll
                                                               i.      Offers for the Class of 2022 began on January 11. Statewide, there are six offers and 3 acceptances to date. Five of the offers and two of the acceptances are in the WPSD area.
                                                             ii.      The board is planning for 15 candidates to attend Founder’s Day.
                                                           iii.      Congressional Academy Day is planned for Denver in April. Other events will potentially be held in Ft. Morgan and Burlington.
                                                           iv.      Tom requested $600 in the 2018 budget to pay for college fairs. A motion was made to approve the $600 for college fairs. The motion passed 12-0.
                                                             v.      Tom also requested that the speaker for Founder’s Day be scheduled to speak briefly to the admissible candidates.
g.       Founder’s Day- Brian MacDonald
                                                               i.      March 3, 2018 at the University Club.
5:00-Candidate Meeting
5:30-Benny Haven’s hour & Class ‘91/VIP reception
                                                             ii.      Speaker will be BG Hodne ‘91
                                                           iii.      Dave Jackson will determine the youngest and oldest grad based on registration.
                                                           iv.      Contract with the University Club is signed.
                                                             v.       Tom Carroll will handle the admissible candidate invitations. Brian MacDonald will also make brief remarks to the admissible candidates.
                                                           vi.      Friends of West Point will be invited and seated at the head table if they can attend. Lindy Blackburn will invite District Attorney George Brauchler and Lou Schroeder will invite Congressman Mike Coffman.
                                                          vii.      Bob Walcott will invite the Parents’ Club president, past president, and officers.
                                                        viii.      Toasts: CIC-Chad Dalton; Army-Steve Best; Corps-Cory Wroblewski; Deployed Soldiers-Lou Schroeder; Loved ones-Bob Walcott
                                                            ix.      The board discussed inviting TF ISO to be the official photographer for Founder’s Day and to make a donation for the service. There was a motion to donate $200 to TF ISO and have them take photos at Founder’s Day. The motion passed 12-0.
                                                             x.      Speaker’s gift: left to the discretion of the board president.
                                                            xi.      There will also be an AOG representative in attendance, but he/she will not make formal remarks.
h.       Tri-Service Golf Tournament – Chad Daton: The tournament will be held August 3, 2018 at 1:30pm. Chad requested $1,000 as seed money for the tournament, which with that amount is anticipated to be profitable.
                                                               i.      There was a motion to approve $1,000 for the tournament. The motion passed 12-0.
i.         Summer Picnic- Brian MacDonald for Mark Frank: The picnic will be held at Washington Park. Mark will begin checking available dates on February 14.
j.         Sporting Events – Brian MacDonald: Rockies games are scheduled for July 14 and August 11. Brain wanted to know if there was a way to reduce the price of the tickets. The discussion was tabled for a later meeting.
k.       Army-Air Force game-Brian MacDonald: the game will be at West Point in 2018. The society will plan to host a watch party.
l.         Army-Navy game-Brian MacDonald: the society will once again work with the Navy society to host a watch party for the game.
m.     Fundraising Committee-Brian MacDonald: the board primarily discussed the license plate initiative. The board decided to move forward with the initiative, but not with legislation this year. Dave Jackson and Tim Griesmer will focus will be on gathering the 3,000 needed signatures, finalizing the design, and completing the DMV application prior to the end of the year. The society will then request official legislation for January 2019.

7.       2018 Budget Approval: There was a motion to approve the 2018 budget with the amendments agreed to during this meeting. The motion passed 12-0.
The next board meeting will be held February 20, 2018 at 11:30 AM, at American Legion Post 1, 5400 East Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222.
The meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM.
Submitted by: Tim Griesmer, ’02
Attachment: WPSD 2018 Budget

proposed BUDGET 2018

21,156   22,156
Outreach Donation
Fund Raising

21,026  22,226
Gifts & Awards
Planning Meeting & Board Location
1200  2000
Community Service/Outreach Program
800  1000
Leardership Seminar
23,956   27,056
Net Gain/Loss
+1850   -250

Annual Meeting changes:
Authorized $1000 for golf (expense) to be offset by tourney fees (income 1000)
Authorized $200 for FD Pics (Expense)
Expense authorized for 2nd attendee at Ldr Conf – (up to $1000 each)
Expense authorized for $100 at Young Grad Event
Expense authorized for $600 for college fairs (+$200 change)
Expense and income line items for Leadership Seminar and fund raising were not approved and deleted from table

Dues    57 renewals scheduled for 2018             An average of 9/mo new to the area ea. year X12 mo = 84 new / year X 30%(best guess on how many will join)= 25 new members >>  82 new members for 2018  Assume 1/2 sign for 1 year, 1/2 sign for 3 years.    (1/2x82)x$25= $1025  (1/2x82)x$60=$2460; 2x $350/ lifetime;  1025+2460+700=4185
Interest From CD’s                      $50
Events                                     Income                                                                    Expense                 
Quarterly meetings:             3 quarterly X $30 / meal x 25 meals = $2250.00                    3x$25x25= $1875.00
AN & AFA Game:                     0                                                                                             200
FD (200):                                 15 candidates + 3 speaker/spouse/attaché X 0$ = $0           18x67=$1206
20 Candidate parents x $68 = $1360                                      20x67=$1340
128 paid members/guest X $68 = $8704                               128x67=$8576
25 non-paid member / guest X $88= $2200                          25x67=$1675
WPPA 6x$68 = $408                                                               6x67=$402
Active Duty  6X$63=378                                                         6x67=$402
Supplies =0                                                                              800 (700 AOG+100 Name/meal Tags)
Hotel = $0                                                                               $400
17 donation for Candidate mealx=1156                                $0
FD Donation: 200
= $14,406                                                                                = $14,801 (+$305)
Golf Tourney                           4000        5000                                                                        3800  4800
Picnic                                       400                                                                                         350
Rockies                                    Net $5/person x 2 games x 10attendees/game = $100         $0                                                           
Young Grad Meetup                                                                                                               $100
Awards & Gifts                      
Funeral Flowers                                                                                                                      6 X $80 = $480.00
Trophy update                                                                                                                        $0
Pres Award                                                                                                                             $0
Friend of Society                                                                                                                     $150
Board Lunch Planning meeting                                                                                              20x25=$500
Board meeting place                                                                                                              $150
Newsletter                                                                                                                              0
Leadership or other  conf                                                                                                       $1200  2000
website costs :                                                                                                        $150 – biznet good for 3 yrs (due 2019)
$100 domain & app
Business Supplies & Postage:                                                                                 $150

Community Services             
SLS Scholarship  =                                                                                                   $400      
College Fairs
Donations                                $400                                                                       $400  600
Service Academy Day/Ball                                                                                    $0
Leadership & Ethic Seminar   $0                                                                            $30,000
 Leadership                             $50,000

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