Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, July 11, 2017 1130-1300
American Legion Post 1, 5400 E Yale Avenue, Denver, CO 80222

1.    Call to order - Brian MacDonald at 1135
a.    7 members present
b.    2 members short of a quorum

2.    Secretary’s Report/Approval of Minutes - Brian MacDonald for Tim Griesmer
a.    Membership update corrections
                                      i.        152 total current active regular members; of this 152:
                                     ii.        97 are dues paying members
                                    iii.        55 are lifetime members
b.    Quarterly dinner correction
                                      i.        Lindy Blackburn coordinated date with George Brauchler
                                     ii.        Lou Schroder coordinated venue (Landry’s Seafood)
c.     Minutes from May 2, 2017 board meeting were approved

3.    Treasurer’s Report - Dave Jackson
a.    Total funds available as of July 8, 2017: $30,908.87
b.    Accounts payable (not reflected in total funds available)
                                      i.        Picnic: $267.73
                                     ii.        Golf: $3,308.62
                                    iii.        Rockies game: Awaiting total
c.     Event balance sheets
                                      i.        Picnic: +$92.00
                                     ii.        Golf: +$72.00
                                    iii.        Rockies: +$70 (approx)
d.    $675 designated for outreach
e.    Membership update
                                      i.        1,024 total members in Society area
1.    55 lifetime members
2.    101 paid members
                                     ii.        AOG membership issues identified
1.    Database provided by AOG does not reflect people who moved
2.    Currently, unable to automate dues renewal process (recurring payments)
a.    AOG does not offer recurring payments, but WP.org does
b.    Dave Jackson will look into options
3.    Brian MacDonald to address both issues at upcoming Presidents’ Conference

4.    Distinguished Society Application - Brian MacDonald for Tim Griesmer
a.    Tim Griesmer compiled final draft and circulated among the Board for review
b.    Application submitted by June 30, 2017 deadline

5.    Membership Update - Bob Walcott
a.    Developing plan for college career fair coverage in Fall 2017
b.    West Point Admissions currently identifying new regional MALOs (Military Academy Liaison Officer) to support recruitment efforts

6.    Founder’s Day 2018 - Brian MacDonald
a.    Move from Saturday, March 3 to Friday, March 2?
                                      i.        Request from CO Springs chapter to deconflict dates
                                     ii.        Request approved; Bob Walcott to change reservation at University Club
b.    Discussion of speaker priorities
                                      i.        Superintendent is priority (Commandant spoke in 2017)
                                     ii.        If Supe is unavailable, then defer to local leaders; e.g. 4ID Commander

7.    West Point/Service Academy Leadership Conference - Joel Martin
a.     Concept is to host 1-day leadership seminar for top area high school students
                                      i.        Goal is to promote ethics and leadership from a service academy/military officer perspective
                                     ii.        By-product would be service academy recruitment
b.    Joel spoke to Washington, D.C. chapter to benchmark against their efforts; takeaways were:
                                      i.        Form 5-person planning committee
                                     ii.        Notify area high schools in September; host conference in spring
                                    iii.        Host conference on a school day to drive participation
                                   iv.        Minimum 20 volunteers needed to execute
                                     v.        Conference is a mix of lecture and case study preparation
                                   vi.        Conference concludes with team case study presentation and award to best team
c.     Joel to convene working group to explore options
d.    Brian MacDonald to socialize idea at upcoming Presidents’ Conference to determine what support AOG can provide

8.    Summer Leadership Experience (SLE)
a.    No updates from Amy Efaw
b.    Bob Walcott to contact Amy; if nothing heard then retire effort

9.    Past and Upcoming Activities Update
a.    George Brauchler dinner - Brian MacDonald/Bob Walcott
                                      i.        Good turnout, good venue
                                     ii.        Encourage venue to plate sooner in order to speed event along
b.    Summer Picnic - Mark Frank
                                      i.        Good turnout, maintain Washington Park venue
                                     ii.        Limited group interaction by younger graduates; consider adding formal activities to increase crosstalk among classes
                                    iii.        Mark to survey attendees and share results
c.     Tri-Service Golf Tourney - Brian MacDonald for Chad Dalton
                                      i.        17 USMA attendees - most of any academy
d.    June 17 Rockies Game - Brian MacDonald
                                      i.        14 USMA attendees (including families)
                                     ii.        Great seating (shaded for entire game)
                                    iii.        Members encouraged to attend August 2 game
e.    Army/Air Force Football - Brian MacDonald
                                      i.        November 4 game at USAFA
                                     ii.        Tickets available for purchase on USAFA website
                                    iii.        Use code “Go Army” to be seated in Army’s section
f.      October Quarterly Dinner - Joel Martin
                                      i.        Proposal to move venue to Maggiano’s at Denver Tech Center
                                     ii.        Speaker will be Jim Knowlton (USAFA Athletic Director)
                                    iii.        Discussion about ensuring future speakers have more direct USMA connection

10.  New business - Brian MacDonald
a.    Jim Herrington donation inquiry
                                      i.        Request for donation to support initiative to pair veterans with Boy Scouts for mentorship
                                     ii.        Brian to connect with Jim about providing volunteers in lieu of donation
b.    Members encouraged to attend 81st Brigade Activation Ceremony at Colorado State Capitol
c.     Carry forward to next meeting: donation request from Josh Kuehl (‘01) to support TF-ISO, a non-profit photography group for veterans

The next board meeting will be held October 3, 2017 at 1130 at American Legion Post 1, 5400 E Yale Avenue, Denver CO 80222

Meeting adjourned at 1300

Submitted by Andy Benson for Tim Griesmer

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