Sunday, March 12, 2017

General Membership Meeting - March 3, 2017

During the Founders Day celebration at the Denver University Club on March 3, 2017, the Society held its Annual General Membership Meeting.

Lindy Blackburn called the meeting to order at approximately 2000 hours.

The only order of business was to elect new Board Members and confirm existing Board memberships and term of service. The following listing was provided:

Proposed Board Member Nominations

Board Terms to 2020 Founders Day Election

Serve to 2018                       Serve to 2019                  Serve to 2020

Cory Wroblewski ’06       Lou Schroeder ’59              Chad Dalton ’89
Dave Jackson ’73           Mike Euperio ’03                 Sam Thiessen ’73
Steve Best ’76                Tom Carroll ’78                    Mark Frank ’00
Brian MacDonald ’83      Natasha Moore’95              Joel Martin ’02
Andy Benson ‘00            Amy Efaw ’89                       Tim Griesmer ’02
                                        Lindy Blackburn ’69       

Immediate Past President:  Bob Walcott ’78

Board Member Emeritus                                Year Inducted

Tom Hicklin ’57                                                           2009
Jim Harrington ’62                                                     2010

Robby Robinson ‘ 68                                                  2016

A verbal vote approved and confirmed the above.

The Meetiing was adjourned at approximately 2010 hours.

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