Thursday, December 6, 2012

Board Minutes: October 9, 2012

West Point Society of Denver
1130-1400, October 9, 2012
1400 Wewetta St, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1138 by Lindy Blackburn.

Roll Call

Lou Schroeder ’59, Robby Robinson ’68, Lindy Blackburn ’69, Sam Thiessen ’73, Bob Walcott ’78, Tom Carroll ’78, John Greiman ’81, Ed Hlopak ‘89, Amy Efaw ’89, Dan Young ’94, Shane Schmutz ‘01, Joel Martin ’02, Mary St. Onge ’02.  A quorum was present. 

Secretary’s Report

Board approved the minutes from the October 9, 2012 board meeting. 

Summer Event

Lindy Blackburn reported that 33 adults and 16 children attended the board’s summer event, organized by Mark Frank.  Frank and other members who attended event recommended that it occur again next year.

Admissions Update/Congressional Panels
Tom Carroll briefed board members on West Point admission rules that have been changed.  Candidates are now given letters of encouragement during the admissions cycle.  Offers of Admission will be issued late February of their senior year and have forty days in which to respond.  Letters of assurance are now only given to some minorities and recruited athletes.

Parent’s Club

Bob Walcott reported on parent club events: Surviving Graduation and Boodle Bash (September).  The All Academy Ball will take place December 29, 2012.

Leaders Conference
Bob Walcott and Lindy Blackburn attended the annual conference this year.  Admissions briefs were cut from this year’s conference.

Army-Air Force Game
Air Force alumni invited members of the WPSD to watch game with them; therefore the society does not have to plan any events for game day.

Army-Navy Game
Location of this year’s viewing is still TBD.  The Heather Ridge Country Club and Dave and Busters are possible locations.

Founders Day 2013

This year’s event will take place March 9, 2013 at the University Club.  The USNORTHCOM commander, General Charles Jacoby, Jr. ’78 is a potential guest speaker.

By Law Changes

Lou Schroeder proposed changes to four paragraphs in the bylaws, which board voted unanimously to pass:

1)      ADD, Paragraph 1 d. Support USMA Admissions with a West Point Society of Denver Vice
President/Admissions and Committee to function under the Society Board of Directors with guidance from the USMA Admissions office.  The Area Admissions Committees assignments, job descriptions and responsibilities shall be as directed by the Society Board of Directors.

2)      ADD, Paragraph 6 a. The elected officers of the Society shall be a President, a First Vice-President,…

3)      ADD, Paragraph 6 a. The elected officers of the Society shall be President, a First Vice-President, a Vice-President/Admissions, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Communications Director.

4)      ADD, Paragraph 6. B. No one shall hold the office of President or First Vice-President for…

Meeting Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45.

Mary St. Onge ‘02

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