Sunday, July 8, 2012

Board Meeting February 21, 2012

West Point Society of Denver
1130-1400, February 21, 2012
1400 Wewetta St, Suite 600
Denver, CO 80202

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1150 by Lindy Blackburn.

Roll Call

Lou Schroeder ’59, Robby Robinson ’68, Lindy Blackburn ’69, Dave Jackson ’73, Steve Best ’78, Bob Walcott ’78, John Greiman ’81, Amy Efaw ’89, Mark Frank ’00, Shane Schmutz ‘01, Joel Martin ’02, Mary St. Onge ’02, William Baird ‘02.  A quorum was present.  

Secretary’s Report

Board approved the 2012 annual planning meeting minutes.  

Founders Day 2012

The venue at the University Club is set, however the board owes the club final numbers.  We currently have 55 attendees paid and 3 people are attending with the superintendant. The board is paying for the superintendant’s hotel room.  The Colorado Springs chapter asked to borrow the West Point flag, which the board agreed upon.  At this time it is unknown if the superintendant’s wife is attending.  The gift for the superintendent will be The Parting, by Richard Adams Barlow.  The book will also be for sale at a table near the check in table.  The board will recognize cadet candidates during the Founders Day program, with the candidate’s school and hometown being mentioned.  AOG offered WPSD four tickets and a parking pass to one of four football games throughout the 2012 season.  These can be auctioned off at Founders Day.

Wounded Warrior Project Fundraiser

Shane Smutz provided an update on his WWP fundraiser, which will be held on October 4, 2012.  Goal is to get 500 plus people to attend the event.  Lou Schroeder motioned to have the WPSD sponsor the fundraiser while Shane waits to get tax exempt status for his organization. Secondly, this would allow Shane to accept donations and use the board’s 501c3 status for the program. Shane would cover any costs to society.  Third, there will be no financial benefit for the WPSD beyond reimbursement for expenses.  Forth, Dave Jackson will show all transactions on the WSPD website for transparency.  Title of the fundraising event is Veteran’s Passport to Hope: Benefiting Wounded Warrior Project.  This proposal is subject to checking with a CPA and to understand what responsibility the WPSD has to file taxes and deal with insurance.  


Dave Jackson reported WPSD memberships at 874, with 92 paid members and 48 lifetime members.  

Golf Tournament

At this time there is no responsibility to plan the event, which will take place June 2012.  Joel Martin is in charge of the WPSD team and plans to win…again!   

All Services Adacademy Day
Event will take place 14 April at a location TBD in Aurora.  There is a need for a young master of ceremonies, perhaps Joel Martin.  Admissions will sponsor event.    

Joel Martin hopes to improve outreach to younger graduates in the Denver area.  He is going to enlist the help of William Baird ’02.

Mark Frank proposed that the WPSD have a summer picnic where members and their families could get to know each other, especially members with young children.

Quarterly Luncheon
Date of the event is TBD.  Rich Adams is the potential speaker.

Nominating Committee
No discussion on this topic, board mentioned that Sam Thiessen has this under control.

New Business
John Greiman ’81, distributed West Point postcards.  

Proposed 2012 Meeting Schedule
May 8 (Plebe Parent Weekend/SLS), July 10 (Leadership Conference), October 9 (Air Force), December 4 (Army/Navy), January 22 (Annual Planning Meeting).

Meeting Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 12:54.

Mary St. Onge ‘02

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