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Meeting Minutes for April 19, 2011

West Point Society of Denver
Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting
1130-1300, April 19 , 2011
1400 Wewatta Street, Suite 600, Denver, CO 80202

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 1138 by Sam Thiessen.


Roll Call

Lou Schroeder ’59, Robby Robinson ’68, Chuck Jones ’68, Lindy Blackburn ’69, Sam Thiessen ’73, Dave Jackson ’73, Steve Best ’76, Bob Walcott ’78, John Greiman ’81, Amy Efaw ’89, Dan Young ’94, Joel Martin ’02, Jonny Karpuk ‘01, and Mark Frank ‘00.  A quorum was present.  Guest present was Bob White.


Review Minutes

Draft minutes from 24 February were reviewed with one amendment noted to the title of the Alumni Golf Tournament.  A motion to approve was submitted and seconded.  Board approved minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

Dave Jackson provided a report of the board’s account balances. We have $xxxxx in the various accounts.  The treasurer’s report was reviewed and approved.   


There was no significant change in the total members in our area (927) of which 96 are paying members and 48 are lifetime members. 


The Google website is up and running.  Dave is working on updating the membership list.  The blog is available for comments. If Board members want to post on the blog site, send Dave Jackson an e-mail and he will add you the list of writers. Dave Jackson noted that the wp.org fund raising campaign was ongoing.  He moved and the Board approved a $100.00 donation from the WPSD to wp.org.


Dave Jackson is no longer the MALO for District 7.  There is a vacancy, so if anyone is interested, contact Dave for information. Dave is running as a candidate to replace Perlmutter, so has resigned from the MALO position.

WP Parents Club Activities

The Presidents of the Parent’s Club were back last month for the Parents Club Presidents’ meeting.  The Parents’ Club held it planning meeting last week.  They will have the Send-Off for the Class of ’15 on June 15 at the West Bowles Community Church.   

Founders Day

The WPSD Founders Day took place 5 March 2011 at The University Club.  The event went very well.  The speeches were appropriate and well done.

Tri-Service Academy Alumni Golf Tournament

The tournament will be held on the afternoon of 20 June 2011 at the AFA Golf Course.  The WPSD is the host academy and board member Joel Martin ’02 is our POC.  Navy and Air Force have been notified.  The course double booked two tournaments so we were bumped to the afternoon.


Quarterly Meetings

MAJ McClellan was in Denver for the All Academy Seminar.  His presentation went very well on April 16.  There were 110 candidates and over 400 attendees at the All Academy Seminar.

Winter Newsletter

The newsletter will be distributed in early May. All input should to Joel by 30 April.

Summer Leadership Seminar

Lindy Blackburn coordinated with the Academy to get a list of approved SLS attendees and has e-mail them about the scholarship we are offering.  He has a suspense of 30 April for responses.


Attendance is continuing at the 6-15 range each week.  Bob Fretz gave a great presentation on taking care of elderly parents.

Air Force Game

Dave Jackson discussed the manner of ordering tickets.  We concluded that we would order directly from Air force individually this year.

Nominating Board Members

Jones presented  a slate of officers for the Board’s approval.  Lindy Blackburn for President, Bob Walcott for Vice president, Dave Jackson for Treasurer, and Mary St. Onge for Secretary.  The Board unanimously approved the slate of officers.


Old/New Business

Amy Efaw reported that she attended the Field Force conference recently.  The STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) seminar is being held this summer.  The deadline for applications was 15 April.
Bob Walcott reported that one of Army’s company teams finished first in the Sandhurst competition for the first time in 17 years. The firsties are four weeks away from graduation.
Sam distributed Thank You cards from the Lovejoys and the McMullens.
The By Laws committee is still working.

Proposed meeting schedule for the remainder of 2011: 26 July (Leadership Conf), 4 October (Air Force Game), 6 December (Navy Game), and 24 January 2012 (Annual Planning Mtg.).

Meeting Adjourn

The meeting was adjourned at 1300.

Chuck Jones ’68, for Mary St. Onge ’02, WPSD Scribe

Board of Directors
West Point Society of Denver

Current Board Members

Board term expirations after March 5, 2011 Founders Day Election

Serve To 2012                       Serve To 2013                        Serve To 2014

Lindy Blackburn ’69               Robby Robinson ’68             Lou Schroeder ’59
Dave Jackson ’73                  John Greiman ’81                 Chuck Jones ’68
Steve Best ’76                        Amy Efaw ’89                    Mark Frank ‘00
Bob Walcott ’78                     Mike Lewis ’90                   Jonny Karpuk ‘01
Mary St. Onge ’02                  Dan Young ’94                   Joel Martin ’02
Sam Thiessen ’73 Ex-Officio Immediate Past-President

Officers, elected at April 19, 2011 board meeting.
President                                Lindy Blackburn                     
Vice President                                    Bob Walcott                            
Treasurer                                Dave Jackson
Scribe/Secretary                     Mary St. Onge                         

Board Member Emeritus                                                                   Year Inducted
George MacDonald ’46                                                       2009
Tom Hicklin ’57                                                                  2009
Jim Harrington ’62                                                              2010

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